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How to create a simple raffle draw in JavaScript

March 14, 2020

This is a no frills example of how to make a simple raffle draw in JS using math.Random().


Here I called it prompts because I was working on a conversation prompt. I named the file raffle.js

const prompts = [
    'Raffle Item 1 here'
    'Raffle Item 2 here'
    'Just add stuff per line'

const total = prompts.length;
const btn = document.getElementById('roll');
const promptDisplay = document.getElementById('prompt');
const raffle = function() {    
    const generatedRandomNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * total);
    promptDisplay.textContent = prompts[generatedRandomNumber];
btn.addEventListener('click', raffle)


   <title>My Conversation Prompt</title>
  <a href="#" id="roll">Select</a>
  <div id="prompt"></div>
<script src="raffle.js"></script>

Save them of course in the same folder, open the HTML file on your browser and honey, you’re done!

Now time to build stuff on top of it!