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Keep It Simple, Stroopwafel

March 14, 2020

I have been doing some online conversation classes to practice speaking in German, and in this regard I’m bad at 2 things: 1) speaking in German (duh) and 2) small talks.


So I thought, I should list down all the topics beforehand and randomly pick from it when I need a topic to talk about! Should be easy to do… in JavaScript? (Spoiler alert: I don’t code, especially if your standard of ~rEaL cOdInG~ doesn’t involve ~jUsT mArKuP lAnGuAgEs~)

Anyway. I asked my husband the keyword I should search for to do such thing and from him I learned this function called Math.random().

Cool. Saw it quickly on MDN. Ok too comprehensive. That’s a lot of unknown terms. Saw it on W3Schools. There you go, the straightforward stuff!

Great, time to look at how other people do it! Or maybe not…

Why are there no simple examples anymore???

I looked at maybe 5 tutorials of how to make a ‘simple’ raffle in JavaScript with code snippets and link to their code on GitHub. I seriously just want a skeleton of how it works, and yet all the tutorials has loads of styling and I’m pretty sure someone even had to use Bootstrap.

And you blame people why they just copy paste nowadays?

Anyway, done with the rant, time to write about a sample of a simple tutorial.