Why is everyone in Japan?

It’s my childhood dream to go to Japan, heeeeeeeeee

I saw a lot of people going to Japan lately and I saw a lot more wondering why there’s a sudden boom of Japan visits for the past months, comparing how it is like going to Hong Kong now (HK is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Filipinos, I think because it is the nearest country with a cold weather, without any visa requirements).

I think these are the reasons why:

  • Relaxed visa requirements– My Japan visa was ready for pick-up after 2 working days and the show money didn’t have to be much. (A friend showed Php20k, for example). As long as you don’t have any record of violating the law or connected to someone with a serious offense, you don’t have to worry.
  • Promo fares galore!- Promo fares for Jan-May 2015 started appearing in July, with flash promo fares happening for the rest of the year. I think Cebu Pacific even had a Piso Fare sale without the fuel surcharge last January.
  • SAKURA- The Philippine summer season is also a huge vacation period for students, especially those affected by the academic calendar shift. It is also the spring season in Japan which means, sakura!
  • Growing number of blogs and articles containing tips for a Japan budget travel- You can check out how I prepared for mine here.
  • Japan being more tourist friendly in general- Japan has a great site for knowing about tourist spots in Japan, free WiFi for visitors all over the country, and rail/ bus passes for your different visiting needs. They even expanded their tax-free shopping!