TW Overclock 2013

NOTE: This will just be a huge picspam as I just went to this event for a while. :p

Oct. 18-21 is definitely an eventful weekend for me as I have ran from my work in the east to TW Overclock in the north and finally to FSA Leaders Camp in the south. It was VERY tiring  but I regret nothing!

It is my first time to attend Overclock as an alumna! Overclock started on my first time to be part of the executive board and I’ve been one of the facilitators ever since, hence I really didn’t get to enjoy any Overclock activity. This time, I am just a guest so I just have to derp around and watch the kids facilitate their own event! Well, I actually took part in a talk about a TomWeb Leader. Here are some shots by Gen Aguilan:

TSIKASINOWEB! The official source of TomWeb chikkas since 2012 haha

The alumni present in the event

The TW Evil Siblings!

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Breakfast! We got a nice lighting here. And a nice sleeping Jeco at the back lol

The evil siblings talking about being a TW Leader.
L-R TW past VP External, VP External/VP HR, President

Sugarcube envelopes!

The HR Team with their Lola Faye hahaha. Wet and wild pic gone wrong. HAHA

HR Team Drama

With my successor! The current Mommy HR/ HR Queen haha

Obligatory hug pic from Gen haha!

We had lots of Yakult that night.




It kinda feels sad to be old and already not belonging to the org as an ordinary member, but I am so happy to see our then babies taking our place as leaders of the org! It feels so good that they are the ones now sharing the TomWeb values we were talking about back then. After all, that is the reason we worked so hard, because there is nothing else fulfilling than seeing other people pass on the knowledge, values, and love for the org! I LOVE TOMASINOWEB!