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Epic Week

While waiting for The Big Bang Theory to finish loading, I’m going to blog about how my week went. (Wow.)

Last Sunday was the RNSHS Alumni Convention, in which the formation of the alumni association was discussed. And yay, we now formally have an alumni association! Had a great reunion with my batchmates and schoolmates. It felt so much like high school again.

So, I was elected to be part of the board of trustees and I was like,
“Okay, what did I put myself into again.” and the term is for two years. Madre de dios.

Anyway, the board is dominated by my batchmates, haha. Batch 7 is so bibbo in that convention.

We also had the Velada Tomasina last Wednesday.

It was not a pleasant day, as we had a surprise quiz in Strength of Materials (though you cannot consider it as one) and the results of our prelim exam and second quiz on EE were returned. It was a horrible day, academic standing-wise. My raw average got so low because of the results of my stuff, especially the second quiz. Well, I wanna explain. On that day we had the second quiz, I also had three quizzes on other subjects (one is a surprise quiz, wth), one of which was a hardcore one which we have to memorize  3.freakin.chapters of things the prof didn’t teach, so I spent the weekend focusing on that subject due to the added pressure of the facepalm-inducing consequence of failing that I would not like to elaborate. And lol, literally immediately after that hour-long quiz that induced a mild headache and the feeling that your brain has just been squeezed to its limits, digging for every bit of information in that freakin 3 chapters (the hell, the quiz was like, whoa, EVERY little bit of information from our lecture were included), I took that quiz on EE. I didn’t study much for EE because I have to redeem points for the aforementioned hardcore subject and I got a perfect score on the previous quiz on EE. And then came the epic quiz score of 18/100. A standing ovation of my middle finger to the perfect score.

Moving on to the Velada day, as usual, I crammed what I wore for this day. I searched for a dress just the day before and well, it was pretty uneasy. I searched in Antipolo, expecting that people in my school, mostly based in Manila, will be searching in Divisoria or other marketplaces in the Metro. Turned out I was wrong. Thomasians were hoarding Filipiniana dresses as far as Antipolo.

Almost all of my blockmates dressed as a person from the 1890s, well basically because of the incentives in some of our subjects. It was fun walking around the campus with everyone wearing their costumes. My orgmates and my block buddies shooted some lulz for my orgmate’s commitment to this certain video site. We walked along Espana Blvd wearing our dresses and I filmed the people’s reaction. We also rode a jeep back to our school. We had lots of time to kill before the re-enactment of the La Naval procession so I dressed normally and started working on papers and legal technicalities of the web design conference project I am currently heading. Immediately after, I have to dress again to join the La Naval procession. It was goosebump-inducing. Ladies in black veils walking with Spanish prayers being played on the background. Well, how do you explain that? Uhm, there seems to be a digital prayer leader and, yeah.

And yes, it was a very tiring day. Good thing I don’t have classes the day after.

Next was the Neocentennial Celebration, the highlight of which is the grandest pyromusical display UST had (yet? lol).


Also, there’s a grand fiesta again! Hooray lechon! HOORAY FREAKIN LECHON!

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My blockmates (4IEA) with our SCL3 professor.

Velada Tomasina 1/25/12

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TomasinoWeb got featured on Tweak Magazine! Get yourselves a copy guys!

Article by Anna Bettina Pangalangan, TomWeb’s feature editor

Pictures by Jan Nullas, Carmelo Culvera, Jennifer Rallonza (forgot to mention it to the Tweak mag editor, so sorry!)

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Overclock: Going Beyond the Limits (TomWeb team building 2011)

The most awaited TomWeb sem break event ever! So for the first time in TomWeb’s 4  years of existence, we will be having such a big off-campus team building activity! The past ones were just for the core group, but now, we included members as well. Being a senior member (darn it, I hate saying that lol), I was one of the facilitators in this activity. This is a two-day and one-night activity, most of which were held at Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo.

We started off with a talk about personality development lead by the very awesome Kuya Dunn and the basics of leadership by Ms. Maryfe, a guidance counselor from the Faculty of Arts and Letters.

Wasn’t able to listen to these talks because my co-faci and I were cramming the ID cards. Gave it to the participants, warm and fresh from the laminating machine.

So we boarded this shiny new UST coaster to Antipolo. First of all, we paid for the rent of this little shiny bastard and IT REALLY COSTS A  LOT. We were able to use the bus only in going to Antipolo, because other than we can’t afford its rental fee anymore, it is not available for the next day.

That’s the pack when we arrived in Loreland. It’s a perfect place for this activity actually, too bad due to the absence of expressways to Antipolo, we took so much time going here. Anyway, Loreland is a nice place with all the nature stuff and its breathtaking view of the land below Antipolo. I’ve been seeing this view since I can remember but it still never fails to amaze me. Also, I really think what we paid for is really worth it, I’ve been in a certain camp once and I paid almost the same price, but there are fewer pools and less comfortable beds (sleeping on matresses which are on the floor, ftl. I can’t breathe easily when I sleep on the floor so yeah, pretty disturbing experience). We also had a much bigger place for the talks. So anyway, after going to our rooms we ate our lunch, which is honey frickin chicken. Oh my god. The first time I tasted a sweet fried chicken. It was awesome. After which we proceeded to the talk about business letter writing by our very supportive adviser, Ma’am Gie.

And then comes the very tasty merienda, arroz caldo! Matched with a perfect black gulaman. Ah, heaven indeed. Anyway, we prepared a little challenge for this merienda.

Can you guess what it is? Oh well, just this:

LOL. They have to choose their partner who will assist them in eating the arroz caldo. XD

Many thanks to Loreland’s WiFi (which, I must say, is pretty fast) we were able to do a live stream of the event through UStream.

After the merienda, we then had our amazing race. JC and I were in-charge of the blind man’s trail, which made us literally blind because darkness approached while we’re on it. :/

After that, we had our sharing of the lessons learned in the activity and had our dinner at Loreland’s ambient resto.

Our president, Marian, gave a talk about the basics of choosing a project and project proposals that evening while I was busy cramming some stuff hahaha.

We also had some ice breaker games…

After the talk, the participants were given free time while waiting for their turn to be on the hot seat for the interview with the facilitators. I was not able to be part of the interviews because my throat is killing me, and I was worried that I might not be able to do my talk about marketing the next day. Also, I was not able to swim in the pools. 🙁

We stayed at nice rooms, though the girls didn’t get to enjoy the rooms much because their’s was smaller that the rooms for the facilitators and the guys. XD Anyway, each room has a TV and a ref in it. Marian and Bea spent some time watching Pure Love. XD

So the next day, we woke up at around 6am,and found interesting people who would prefer doing this for sleep’s sake:

LOL, kidding. That’s our photog head, Melo, who has always been a sleepyhead (that came from his older brother, lol).

After breakfast I headed the talk about marketing and public relations. Then, we had our project presentation of the groups’ project proposals.

After which, we had a closed-door meeting of the core group while the others swam around or prepared for their variety show. It was not really fun, lol. Maybe because they were not given much time and resources for it.

After the show, the facilitators had their sharing of TW experiences. Which can be viewed in our saved videos at UStream.

It was a very successful and fun activity! Can’t wait what the next batch of core group will come up with. XD

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EMPOWERMENT 2011: TomWeb’s Sembreak Workshop Series

*all photos by Jan Nullas

This workshop series is supposed to be a three-day event, but due to the encoding of grades, we have to postpone the 4 other workshops of the digital arts and web dev departments because we can’t use any computer laboratories.

HOWEVER, the writing and photography workshop pushed through, and well, even though we had so many conflicts with the papers (delayed for 2 weeks in the OSA because of the finals season) the overall project head, our treasurer Len, managed to give a great event!


Sir Jeremaiah Opiniano was the speaker of the event, which was about story hunting. He is hella awesome. Even though I have already accepted the fact that I don’t have the talent for writing and has erased all interest in the craft due to that reason, I become interested on searching for a good story, which I can use because I like suggesting shiz to the writing department. 😛 Heh bulletin boards, I’m going to stalk you all. I really like his personal approach to our org, he suggested things that we can do to improve and stuff. I really believe in the potential  of our folks at the writing department. They are the best batch of writers in the history of TomWeb so far. (Yes, that’s how I old I am)

Sir Opiniano is so awesome, you AB Journ people from UST sure are lucky to be his students.

Other than the informative stuff we learned about story hunting, I also enjoyed the chismis on how liberal the people in Arts and Letters are. XD


Thanks to our DA member, Patricia Gaetos for the poster! Sir Jun and Ms. China Mungcal were supposed to be the speakers but due to schedule constraints, they were not able to come.

Who told you only CFAD students can use the photography studio? Well, TomWeb members, whether fine arts major or not, just did!

Many thanks to our features editor, the very beautiful Bettina Pangalangan, for being our model in this workshop! Bets is one of the models in SOCC’s Pintig 2011 fashion show. :3

Before the workshop, our speaker, the very imba and awesome Sir Fernando Torres from CFAD, gave us a talk about the basics, and presented examples as well. He was the one who allowed us to go inside the studio and play with the equipments. 😀

Thanks to everyone who attended! Hopefully we can pursue the Photoshop, Premiere, PHP, HTML/CSS workshops soon, we’ll keep you posted guys!

On a rather vain note,


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