Faye’s Nifty Tools List

Because I have finished a task today and it’s procrastination session before I start another, I decided to enumerate tools I find very useful in my everyday life.

Windows’ Snipping Tool

From data outputs in the software we’re using for our courses to random lulz I find on the Internet, I use this tool to capture them all.


Colorful colorful codes. I use this for web design but this very light monster can help you do your programming on loads of languages.


A very neat pixel color selector. You can use the eyedropper tool on any place in your computer to find its hex color code, RGB etc.


A very nifty browser plug-in in knowing the technologies being used on a website. *sneaky smile*

Web Developer

A useful browser plug-in that does a lot of web-related stuff, like setting the browser size, disabling CSS styles, validation tools, among others.

Video Download Helper

I use this browser plug-in to download media in websites. For example, this video from YouTube. Heehee. It also provides video conversion options.

Colorzilla CSS Gradient Generator

One of my favorite web-based applications. Very useful.


Super light CSS3 codes generator. I love the Internet.

Google Docs

A great gift to mankind. My classmates and I use this for online collaboration. Its forms are a gift from heaven.

And then the usual popular basic necessity stuff…

Of course there’s MS Word and PowerPoint 2010. (Save as PDF in Word 2010, greatest gift to mankind)

I also do most of my tasks in Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and Dreamweaver CS5.  (Other versions don’t work well with Windows 7)

It is also important for me to have Filezilla for FTP purposes and XAMPP for localhost purposes (I use a lot of WordPress so yeah).

BitTorrent. This has been my torrent client since the beginning of my piracy renaissance period.

WinRAR. For my compressing needs. (Hell yeah, RAR compression which can compress my PSD files into about 50% of its original size.)

VLC Media Player. The lightest media player in the world. (Hooray MKV files and soft subs!)

Chikka Messenger. Because I usually don’t have mobile prepaid credits.

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