TW Overclock 2013

NOTE: This will just be a huge picspam as I just went to this event for a while. :p

Oct. 18-21 is definitely an eventful weekend for me as I have ran from my work in the east to TW Overclock in the north and finally to FSA Leaders Camp in the south. It was VERY tiringĀ  but I regret nothing!

It is my first time to attend Overclock as an alumna! Overclock started on my first time to be part of the executive board and I’ve been one of the facilitators ever since, hence I really didn’t get to enjoy any Overclock activity. This time, I am just a guest so I just have to derp around and watch the kids facilitate their own event! Well, I actually took part in a talk about a TomWeb Leader. Here are some shots by Gen Aguilan:

TSIKASINOWEB! The official source of TomWeb chikkas since 2012 haha

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Junior Form Function and Class! Finally!

After months of having a super sabog mind (heck, there were nights that I can’t even sleep thinking about it) here it is, the first web design student conference in the Philippines! Other than Physics (and well, uhm, THY101 lol) this was the most difficult thing I got myself into. There were so many flaws but well, who cares? WE DID IT! Thank you so much to our very kind and amazing speakers, the supportive ates and kuyas from the Philippine Web Designers Organization and of course, the TomWeb JFFC Organizing Team! I didn’t have proper sleep on that day so everything was just like a dream.

The call time was 7AM and people have started to arrive at 7:30 and heck, the caterer people is still nowhere to be found, and they are the most important people at that time because the tables were not arranged yet! And it’s because they also arrived late the previous day so we didn’t have the time to set-up the day before! DX Also, the one who holding the nametags woke up late. DX Imagine the rush before 9AM. Well anyway, we started at 9AM so yeah, so it’s still cool. Somehow.

There are so many imperfections that well, maybe I was just too sabog to comprehend and go zetsuboushita over it. From post-eval we had and from the feedbacks so far, here are some lessons that I learned.


I knew it. I should have outsourced volunteers.


That I have no idea where in UST yet. The AMV Hall is the largest activity hall that I know. I heard that the function rooms in the new UST gym will be good candidates for this. Well to start with, I was just expecting around 60 people, lol.


Well I have to be honest with what very first problem in the workshop was. The speaker thought the audience were beginners. OMG PANIC! In the first 30 mins of the conference we were like, wut the hell is this HTML basics. I was already asking the PWDO people who get him to speak in the conference if he really know we’re gonna talk about HTML5 and CSS3. So with the help of Ate Sarah in front, we showed him a board with a “HTML5, CSS3 BASICS” in it. And he was like, “Oh okay, chapter 2!”. Gah. Also, I scheduled two hours of workshop but well, it didn’t turn out to be that way and just became an hour, which I thought was still fine because in FFC, they were given like, just 30 minutes. My proposed solution for this: just two workshops in the conference. Or maybe lots of mini JFFCs dedicated to workshops or maybe a JFFC Camp, LOL.


Well wow, our sponsor who talked to me the night before about reserving them a 30-min slot to give a talk about SEO backed-out at the last minute. With all due respect and sarcasm, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. That sponsor was all over our pubmats, and we didn’t get ANY in return. That’s why I had problems with the sudden changes which included a shotgun talk from a sponsor who is not yet prepared so I shotgun’d- asked the other if she’s ready. Oh well.


Take note of that. Reserve extension cords early.






That guy who asked too much, you’re going down. Haha jk. BUT WELL, I am definitely unhappy on what you did.


More time for workshop will solve this.


It’s such a shame. As an IE, I’m OC over this stuff but because of my mismanagement of people, I still failed. HUMAN FACTOR is still number one, Faye.


I think what ate most of my time here is the processing of papers. It took me months to figure out what letter to give to who and what stuff do I need and where to get it and to whom will I send a letter for it. At least now, I know how this works.


Brief the speaker about the status, the demographics and stuff.


Another important factor that I failed to focus on is the price. If you’ll think about it, the price is pretty cheap and it is NOT ENOUGH. We hope to get excellent sponsors next time so we can cover the financial matters. Also, now that I know the prices of stuff, maybe I can do better forecasts and quotations next time. Industrial engineering, stop haunting me.

One of the really major problems that I encountered is the thing about the audience. I don’t know (well, not yet) to make it perfect for them, because of varying levels of knowledge, varying tastes and varying interests.

The aura that I want JFFC to have is dynamic and youthful, hence the friendly hosts, the colorful graphics and the LOL speak feedback form. However, I must keep in mind that not everyone like and get that idea, because they’re still expecting a rather formal type of conference that I would like to deviate from. It’s also hard to make the balance between, let’s face it, social classes and taste in entertainment. I think Ate Bianca and Ate Sarah mixed well, being Ate Bianca the comic relief from the serious lectures and Ate Sarah the technical one who’s more into the content of the conference. However, there are still people who would like to focus on the serious side and stuff. Well, as a student myself, I personally want a good laugh anywhere because it sucks to get sleepy in a middle of a lecture. And for God’s love this is web design! It should be FUN! (Unlike my lectures on six sigma, operations management and finance, zzzzzz snort)

Regarding the varying levels of knowledge, we have some who find the basic stuff useful but there are some “Gahd you should have told us you’re just going to cover the basics because we’re done with that already.” Well that was my big dillema before. HTML5 and CSS3 were pretty fast in FFC that I didn’t understand much stuff, even some PWDO people says so. I decided that we’ll just cover the basics of JS as per the advice of the PWDO people, being JS impossible to learn in just 3 hours.

Well anyway, for the record we followed the schedule, we started at 9AM and ended at 5PM. Forget 8AM haha.

On a rather personal note, my friends still noted my ‘taga-salo’ or ‘solo flight’ sickness. Gah, I still can’t stress the importance of task delegations to my members. Well anyway, most of them are still in their 1st and 2nd years so its pretty understandable. I just have to TRUST them.

Well, I really feel sad about the negative feedback but well, those are just few so it’s fine. There can NEVER be a perfect conference Faye and there is a LEARNING CURVE. Doing it COMPLETELY right the first time is IMPOSSIBLE. Come to think of it, we did great, for a group who never had physical meetings with all the important people and who just talk to each other online. XD This is just the start of the spark. This is just a legacy I’ll leave to the future generation of TomWebbers.

THERE IS NO GLORY WITHOUT TEARS! Only that, I didn’t actually cry, lol.

The only thing that will make me feel that everything was worth it is the St. Dominic Award for Outstanding Teamwork this year. Oh pretty please?

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Wow, I didn’t know I was already planning JFFC in that month. Heck, what I remember is proposing the name of the event to the PWDO team in mid-October. @_@

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EMPOWERMENT 2011: TomWeb’s Sembreak Workshop Series

*all photos by Jan Nullas

This workshop series is supposed to be a three-day event, but due to the encoding of grades, we have to postpone the 4 other workshops of the digital arts and web dev departments because we can’t use any computer laboratories.

HOWEVER, the writing and photography workshop pushed through, and well, even though we had so many conflicts with the papers (delayed for 2 weeks in the OSA because of the finals season) the overall project head, our treasurer Len, managed to give a great event!


Sir Jeremaiah Opiniano was the speaker of the event, which was about story hunting. He is hella awesome. Even though I have already accepted the fact that I don’t have the talent for writing and has erased all interest in the craft due to that reason, I become interested on searching for a good story, which I can use because I like suggesting shiz to the writing department. šŸ˜› Heh bulletin boards, I’m going to stalk you all. I really like his personal approach to our org, he suggested things that we can do to improve and stuff. I really believe in the potentialĀ  of our folks at the writing department. They are the best batch of writers in the history of TomWeb so far. (Yes, that’s how I old I am)

Sir Opiniano is so awesome, you AB Journ people from UST sure are lucky to be his students.

Other than the informative stuff we learned about story hunting, I also enjoyed the chismis on how liberal the people in Arts and Letters are. XD


Thanks to our DA member, Patricia Gaetos for the poster! Sir Jun and Ms. China Mungcal were supposed to be the speakers but due to schedule constraints, they were not able to come.

Who told you only CFAD students can use the photography studio? Well, TomWeb members, whether fine arts major or not, just did!

Many thanks to our features editor, the very beautiful Bettina Pangalangan, for being our model in this workshop! Bets is one of the models in SOCC’s Pintig 2011 fashion show. :3

Before the workshop, our speaker, the very imba and awesome Sir Fernando Torres from CFAD, gave us a talk about the basics, and presented examples as well. He was the one who allowed us to go inside the studio and play with the equipments. šŸ˜€

Thanks to everyone who attended! Hopefully we can pursue the Photoshop, Premiere, PHP, HTML/CSS workshops soon, we’ll keep you posted guys!

On a rather vain note,


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