Teatro Tomasino’s Ang Huling Pahina

First time watching a Teatro Tomasino play! And it was SO AWESOME. It was my first time to watch a non-high-school-level type of one and wow, I was stunned by the perfection of the production, expertise of the actors, the script, the story and heck, everything.

The play started with the recap of Noli Me Tangere, heck, it was like I was watching a movie. It was dramatic, the story was portrayed perfectly, characters can be easily recognized and I was really carried away. (KUMBENTO O KAMATAYAAAN?)

After the recap, I thought the play ended because of the large ‘WAKAS’ projected on the screen (after 30 mins and I was like THE HELL? MOAR!) but I noticed the people were not moving yet, and so began the ‘Ang Huling Pahina’. The three, well, kinda most unnoticed characters basically ranted (lol) about how the author created them. Wow, this is news for me. I only see meta stuff on TV (specifically on Gintama) but here, it is in a play. It was really entertaining, especially Donya Victorina. Her acting is perfect, she really gave justice to her role. In clinical terms, SHE NAILED IT (Big Bang Theory reference).

It was really great. I promise to watch all the plays of Teatro from now on. (I only watched this time because of the complimentary ticket they gave to our org. XD)

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