EMPOWERMENT 2011: TomWeb’s Sembreak Workshop Series

*all photos by Jan Nullas

This workshop series is supposed to be a three-day event, but due to the encoding of grades, we have to postpone the 4 other workshops of the digital arts and web dev departments because we can’t use any computer laboratories.

HOWEVER, the writing and photography workshop pushed through, and well, even though we had so many conflicts with the papers (delayed for 2 weeks in the OSA because of the finals season) the overall project head, our treasurer Len, managed to give a great event!


Sir Jeremaiah Opiniano was the speaker of the event, which was about story hunting. He is hella awesome. Even though I have already accepted the fact that I don’t have the talent for writing and has erased all interest in the craft due to that reason, I become interested on searching for a good story, which I can use because I like suggesting shiz to the writing department. 😛 Heh bulletin boards, I’m going to stalk you all. I really like his personal approach to our org, he suggested things that we can do to improve and stuff. I really believe in the potential  of our folks at the writing department. They are the best batch of writers in the history of TomWeb so far. (Yes, that’s how I old I am)

Sir Opiniano is so awesome, you AB Journ people from UST sure are lucky to be his students.

Other than the informative stuff we learned about story hunting, I also enjoyed the chismis on how liberal the people in Arts and Letters are. XD


Thanks to our DA member, Patricia Gaetos for the poster! Sir Jun and Ms. China Mungcal were supposed to be the speakers but due to schedule constraints, they were not able to come.

Who told you only CFAD students can use the photography studio? Well, TomWeb members, whether fine arts major or not, just did!

Many thanks to our features editor, the very beautiful Bettina Pangalangan, for being our model in this workshop! Bets is one of the models in SOCC’s Pintig 2011 fashion show. :3

Before the workshop, our speaker, the very imba and awesome Sir Fernando Torres from CFAD, gave us a talk about the basics, and presented examples as well. He was the one who allowed us to go inside the studio and play with the equipments. 😀

Thanks to everyone who attended! Hopefully we can pursue the Photoshop, Premiere, PHP, HTML/CSS workshops soon, we’ll keep you posted guys!

On a rather vain note,


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