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I am not posting stuff lately because I’m not in the mood to do so and heck, I was in despair for no particular reason at all. For the lulz, I’ll just post some stuff I have encountered recently.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood 31

Kimblee is out of jail and he is being creepy with swallowing that stone. UGH. Dr. Marcoh… needs a plastic surgery, many thanks to Scar. You can simply have him undergo a surgery or some alchemy thing you know. What’s with the blasting-Marcoh’s-face act? Oh, maybe that’s the alchemy thing since Scar’s alchemy is all about destruction.

Naruto 471

New Samehada is new. K. Kisame is being creepy by combining with his sword. Ugh.

Bakemonogatari 13

Delayed and stuff and I remember not finding any torrents on Nov. 8 but it looks like it was released on Nov. 3. =_=  It’s the continuation of the Tsubasa cat story. Bakemonogatari’s nearing its end and I need to find a new anime now. Oh crap. 07 Ghost. Gah. I find it really hard to cope with that. Straying away from the topic, oops.

Liar Game 2

Oh joooooooy~
I love this J-drama so much. I’m not familiar with the manga so I don’t know if it’s a continuation of the story or if it follows the manga story so, yeah. Anyhow, I loved the first season so I’m expecting so much from this sequel. Matsuda Shota and Erika Toda! OH NOES. I don’t wanna see that Mushroom guy again. “Nao-chan, kimi wa hontoni.. BAKA DAYO NE?!”
*throws mushrooms at Mushroom guy’s face*

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Downloading this took super less time so, yeah. Another random comedy anime

Instant fav. I love it. I’m done with the first season and I’m almost done with this one. Finishing Zan will take a while though since there’s school now. ;___; ZETSUBOUSHITA!

The Hunger Games series

I saw a large banner of this and when I saw the description, I instantly searched for an e-book!
Kids killing each other, gore, politics, a love story that is given more emphasis in its sequel, and stuff. Kinda short and full of zzzzzzzzs though. Anyway, KATNISS IS THE MAN YO.

AOF 09

Did not spend much time inside the event for the lulz.
Well, because of this:

Anyhow, some pictures:

I went there with my sister.
We were also with a good friend Robby..
 and Alex. We had a sort-of photoshoot for her debut party invitation. XD

I cosplayed as Senjougahara Hitagi from Bakemonogatari and my sister as Roxanne from Pokemon. Special thanks to pedobear for haunting my sister. XD

So there, finally posted a lenghty post again. Eh, not really. But compared to the previous ones.. meh. Whatevs. Kay, I’ll be online but for a very short short short time only. Maybe just to check my mail. So yeah. Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be EVER in you favor!
Lolz too lazy to check the grammarz and spellingz

I’m stalking quite a handful of blogs now. You should also check them out. You’ll surely have fun. 🙂
And oh, they’re just doing it for the lulz, mmmkay?
Pinoy Cosplay
Anything Butt Ugly

On serious stuff, I’m following:

For the lulz, I’m reading stuff at http://fmylife.com and http://givesmehope.com

Oh, found a winter anime preview:

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Naruto 453

This week’s Naruto will surely cause fangasms all over the Internetz! Sasgay’s back and all over the place! There’s even Gaara at the end.

Team Taka heads to Konoha. Then, Tobi (who is definitely not a good boy anymore) appears.
Team Taka was like “Oh shi-” and stuff.
Suigetsu: Shit, bad timing. We are very tired and we’re about to rest, you know.
Sasuke: How did you know where I was?
Madara: Don’t underestimate my hunk radar, idiot.
Sasuke: Damn it, why am I always being followed by these frickin’ rapists? First Orochimaru, then Naruto, then this Madara!
Then Tobi tells them how stupid they was for being tricked by that Kirabi (Killerbee, the gangsta jinchuuriki of the hachibi).
Tobi: Now, that’s one big epic fail gaiz.
Team Taka:
Team Taka:

Tobi Madara tells Sasuke that Konohagakure no longer exists. Zetsu appears, telling them that Danzou is the new hokage.
Madara:Just as planned.
Madara tells him that the five kages will hold a meeting.

Meanwhile, Naruto meets Killerbee’s gangsta friends and asked them to tell everything they know about Saskay.
Karui: Damn, your crying won’t bring Killerbee or Yugito back!
Sai: Er.. you know, now that the order has been sent out to kill Sasuke, I’m sure the village will provide you with all the information you need. There’s no need to pressure these guys.
Naruto: Yeah right. You’ve said the “S” word many times already.

Team Samui:
Team Samui: B-b-b-b-but we just thought we’d see if we could find more info (like what’s his favorite color and type of girl, lol.)!
So there, they decide to find Killerbee instead. I miss that guy, btw.
On the other hand, the Akatsuki guys found that Naruto defeated Pain. Yes. I can understand them if they can’t believe it. You’ll never believe how Pain was defeated, really. Read Sasuke’s reply? Good.

Kay, change of plans. They’re going to kill the kages! FFFFFFFFF
Yeah, Danzou will be targeted and hopefully, killed (>:D OH JOY). BUT, it just happened that..

Well, that’s it for this week.

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Naruto Shippuden Movie 2: Bonds

Bonds is the second Shippuden movie which was released on August 2, 2008. The DVD came out last April 22, 2009 (and from there came the fansubbed copies that we’re enjoying lol).

The movie begins with Sasuke showing his fangirls how manly he is with his cowboy music.

And there, he takes off his clothes and…

dundundundun.. shows his AWESOME *rolls eyes* muscles….

….then, drowns himself.

Unknown shit appears on the sea.

Unfamiliar ninja village symbol on forehead protector is unfamiliar.
Then suddenly.. they launch..
STUFF! Oooh technology. This made me check if it’s Naruto I’m watching.

And off they go… attacking Konoha!

Konoha ninjas attacks them with kunais and ninja stuff..

Unfortunately, they’re useless! D:

Because ninja stuff is soo 1400!

So they fight until the bastards ran out of chakra.
Naruto meets a doctor and asks..
Well, it just happened that you’re a frickin’ famous ninja boy.
Famous ninja. Oh, the irony. XD

Okay. I’m making this post too long and heavy with photos.
So I’ll just get into the review.

For the summary, click this. Lazy me is lazy. So, I was like, “Er… that’s it?” when I finished the movie. The story is sort of small and lame.

Score: 7/10

Eh, same old same old. Nothing new. Anyhow, the quality is awesome.

Score: 9/10

Now, this is what I love in this movie. The sound effects are awesome. They suit the events perfectly. I lol’d at the the part where Shino finishes his job and his bugs starts to eat the enemy’s ships. The background music is The Flight of the Bumblebee! EPIC WIN!

Score: 10/10

For me, reading the manga is better than watching the series, and watching the movie is the best way to enjoy Naruto! Naruto movies have less talk and drama compared to the anime series (which is sooo full of fillers). I really enjoyed this movie. It’s so packed with action and lulz.

Example of lulz:

Amaru confessed.
Sensei LOL’d
And received a punch. Hahaha! DON’T MESS WITH A WOMAN’S HEART, YOU BASTARD!

Another one..

Shut up, betch.

SO.. Sasuke and Naruto are alone in the flying fortress. Sasuke sees this as an opportunity to do it with Naruto……

Naruto seems unprepared so he uses his Rasengan to break the stuff Sasuke is on.

Naruto: Later!

Sasuke: Dammit.

Why, it’s a pity they were not able to do it. To hang out and catch up on each other’ s lives, that is. XD

Score: 10/10


I enjoyed the action in this movie. Two thumbs up.

Score: 9/10

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