WoMoz PHL Meeting and TomWeb GA Weekend

(pictures belong to Ryan Ermita and Gen Aguilan)

Stormy yet eventful weekend! Despite the storm that we battled to get to the venue (WE WERE OVERLOOKING MANILA BAY!), I had a meeting with UPLB COSS about an event partnership and the newly formed WoMoz team had a meetup to discuss our event and project plans immediately after.


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Maker Party Alphaland + PIIE-NSC Turnover + Web Chixies Meet-up

While I’m downloading the 2nd episode of Free!…Since I have some overdue blog posts, I’mma combine these two related events in one.

6/29/13 Maker Party 2013 Alphaland

Mozilla’s summer (in the west, lol) season of coding has begun and the MozPH team started it with an all-girl Webmaking session! Of course, since I am the one who organized it, it should be all-girl! Kidding. This is in support of the Women and Mozilla initiative of Mozilla PH. I have an official blog post here and here are some awkward pics of myself.


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First Impressions: Geeksphone Keon running on Firefox OS

A sweet little thing arrived in the mail when I got home from work! Hello, little orange phone, Keon!

The packaging is quite unique from what we are used to with smartphones. It a square box which opens upwards to reveal the phone.


And when you lift it up, it will reveal the manuals and accessories.



At 199g it is slightly heavier than an iPhone 5 and lighter than the S4. The back has a neat matte surface similar to the Kindle Fire HD.You can find more specs here.

Yes, the phone gives you a familiar feeling with only a circle button and three hardware buttons on the left side. The UI doesn’t give much confusion for smartphone users, as they are almost the same as most UIs currently available. The round icons are quite familiar too.

It has the usual connectivity features like WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, Internet sharing and 3G. The battery life is quite impressive. I have tried leaving it with WiFi on for more than 24 hours and have left it on stand-by for 3 days.

Keon is not really a powerful phone, but if you just want to have the basic features with Internet connectivity, with an expected price tag of Php3-5k, this is a good choice. Especially if you are a mobile apps developer or you plan to become one.

Firefox OS was built using open web technologies and is of course, entirely open source. What makes me say it is perfect for developers? Well, for starters, developers don’t need to pay anything to submit an app to the Marketplace AND Mozilla doesn’t intend to gain anything from their earnings, if they plan to sell their apps. Talk about using and marketing a phone plainly for developing the Web and exploring its capabilities, instead of the usual capitalist thinking.

The OS and the device still have a lot of areas to improve on. However, I must say that I have a huge trust on the open community about developing for the sake of the craft and not merely to heartlessly earn from it.

My MozCamp Asia 2012 Experience

Credits to Sir Bob, Kuya Kim, Vu Hung, Steve and Yofie Setiawan for most of the pics. 🙂

I feel very thankful and honored to be nominated as a delegate in this event! Thank you Mozilla PH community especially Daddy Bob! 😛

MozCamp Asia is an annual event where Mozillans, employees, volunteers and enthusiasts, are gathered for an intensive two-day series of keynote speeches, workshops and breakout sessions. There were 3 MozCamps this year and MozCamp Asia was the last one for this year. It was held in Singapore last Nov. 16-18.

I arrived in the airport way too early because I am not sure about waking up early in the morning with my home being 2 hours away from it. 4AM check-in, 6AM flight, arrived at the airport at 11PM. HA-HA.

The waiting time was so long and they took pictures of people who are sleeping! MUST.NOT.SLEEP.


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