My MozCamp Asia 2012 Experience

Credits to Sir Bob, Kuya Kim, Vu Hung, Steve and Yofie Setiawan for most of the pics. 🙂

I feel very thankful and honored to be nominated as a delegate in this event! Thank you Mozilla PH community especially Daddy Bob! 😛

MozCamp Asia is an annual event where Mozillans, employees, volunteers and enthusiasts, are gathered for an intensive two-day series of keynote speeches, workshops and breakout sessions. There were 3 MozCamps this year and MozCamp Asia was the last one for this year. It was held in Singapore last Nov. 16-18.

I arrived in the airport way too early because I am not sure about waking up early in the morning with my home being 2 hours away from it. 4AM check-in, 6AM flight, arrived at the airport at 11PM. HA-HA.

The waiting time was so long and they took pictures of people who are sleeping! MUST.NOT.SLEEP.

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