Sabbatical, here we go

I just arrived in the Philippines which means my official sabbatical time will commence in 2 weeks. And my sabbatical is not really about having fun; it’s self-studying like crazy to shift to a new career and find a new job back in Germany. Cool-cool-cool-cool-cool

It will be the first time that I’ll be out of job for at least a full month to take time to study so that I can move on in my career. The pressure is ON. And just a segue, GIRL, I am hating Gutenberg right now (!!!).

The Minimum Goals

  • Redesign my blog
  • Design a speaker/portfolio website
  • Design that app that I need to help me with German verb conjugation
  • Redesign the whole experience of that (soon-to-be) past app you’ve worked with, but this time in a mode where anything is possible

The You’re-Doing-Great-Sweetie Goal

  • Try coding any of them without any JavaScript

The KWEEN Goal

  • Try coding any of them with JavaScript OR
  • Code every single one of them without JS
I’m being sarcastic

I will be documenting my journey under the Sabbatical category as it might be interesting to look back to this time that I might have an idea that will either be the best one or the worst step in my life. Let’s see where this gets me. Los geht’s!