Week #2

HA I failed to actually come up with an output last week. By output I mean a case study or a mockup. I sketched a lot of wireframe though but I am really struggling with designing in a software. I freeze with the thinking about the aesthetics. I think it is because I think that in order to design this, first I must have a style guide in place, I should have a logo and icons set. And to have a style guide I need to have an idea first for whom am I designing for. Ahhh! Now I realized that my mind always works in processes that a simple skip in the process incapacitates me. I really need to work on that one.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this tip from Steve Schoger about designing first in grayscale. This way, you will be forced to establish the hierarchy of content based on the essentials like spacing, contrast and size instead of taking your time obsessing (and eventually depressing) about color combinations and other details early at this stage.

It surely made me have a good headstart! Nailed a huge creative blocker there.

Last week I also interviewed some college students for a pending market/user research I volunteered to deliver to my ex-company because I would love to do it anyway and it will a good experience for my future work. From that, I realized my inclination on doing research and I obsessed that day on how I can better do it. However, as my goal is to find employment in Germany, it struck me that user research relies a lot on the language :(. So I think I cannot really do that without being fluent in German and being more familiar with the culture. Sigh. Or maybe not? But it’s good that I established that user research is one thing I would definitely enjoy! It makes me feel more that I’m in the right path.

This week, with what I learned I will try to cram more design work to fill my portfolio.

Wish me luck!