Week #1

My first entry on my hopefully regular sabbatical blogging.

I spent my first two weeks reconnecting with my closest friends and remembering that life was good and still is. I just realized it has been more than 2 years since I properly talked to all those people I met. Even though I was still here in the Philippines doing my remote work hence just staying at home the whole time, I didn’t really spend that much time meeting, sitting down and connecting with people. The past 2 weeks were spent in leisure. Meeting friends, trying out trendy food places, oversleeping, talking with friends until the sun rises, helping out a bit at home, trying out new recipes, etc.

My life became very hectic when I plunged into the world of startups. It has been almost 3 years! Hustling like a farm animal without even a corporate ladder to look forward to climbing. It started with the physical torture of working 12 hrs at least 6 days a week then to the mental one of 6-day workweeks barely having leaves and barely having a day when you totally won’t be contacted about work. Whew, that was tiring! And if you’re a pessimist, you’ll say it was all in vain, because look where I am now, unemployed lol. I was so busy working for the company and the product that I forgot about my personal growth. However, I learned A LOT. I gained self-confidence as a professional and realized my self-worth. The recently-revived optimist in me thinks this sabbatical is yet another plunge that will lead me to the next stage of growth and self-discovery. Maybe that’s what I am supposed to do? Work my ass up something I really love then quit and move on to the next, from scratch. I remember reading about this person who is just very good at learning new things that his passion is just learning, that he has a lot of tools now for different industries. Maybe it’s a worthwhile risk to take after all? Well anyway, I realized that anything you’re doing now, if you enjoyed it, then it’s worthwhile. I should focus on living in the present, that’s how I remembered I enjoyed my life before.

Now that I had a good headstart for this sabbatical, it’s time to continue the momentum. I have finished the basic practical UX course and learned what Flexbox is all about. Of course, I’m still having this anxiety that I will waste the time I finally have. It is a privilege to go on sabbatical and I must make the most out of it. However I am trying my best to live in the present so I won’t be crippled by these negative thoughts. Having dogs around helps too! 😉