Remembering 2014

Here’s another post where I will apologize for the lack of posts, which come to think of it, who am I even apologizing to? Well, perhaps I need to apologize to the one sponsoring my domain? :p Maybe I can blog more this 2015. Hey, I’m still torn between keeping my personal life private and blogging about my thoughts.

Anyway, this post should be about 2014, the year that was.

When asked about 2014, this one word immediately pops in my mind– uneventful. Pretty odd for me to say.

This year was the most peaceful year I had for years. Maybe because for most of my life so far, I was a student and being one is hell of a rollercoaster ride. 2013 was my first year to be free from academic commitments and I transitioned into the workforce. I struggled on that year. 2014 was where I just maintained the status quo.

It might be uneventful compared to other years but I can say it was a year of new possibilities. 2013 was my transition year where I struggled to reach the level of a mature professional as a kid fresh out of college, used to just studying for the past 16 years. Habits and people have to be let go and I declared that 2014 shall be my time to move on. And fortunately, I really did.

On the MozillaPH Community

Well, the safest I can blog about are things related to MozPH so let’s just focus on this one. Let’s discuss this year’s highlights for me:

  • Our community had our first strategic planning session first thing this year.
  • We had our first photoshoot and I must say it saved us a lot of times in designing websites, pub mats and slides.
  • We had a whole month of event series dedicated to women empowerment in tech.
  • For the first time, we dedicated a whole month for a web design series. We covered HTML, CSS and basic WordPress in all weekends of May.
  • OUR COMMUNITY HAS BEEN GIVEN OUR OWN COMMUNITY SPACE! WOOHOO! No more overstaying at coffee shops!
  • Spoke before some thousand crowd at Y4IT! Kinda dream come true.  As a student I have always wanted to attend Y4IT but I’m poor and I feel intimidated.
  • A dream of mine was realized– MakerFestMNL! Our biggest event yet.
  • I got featured in the Mozilla newsletter and on! This year I was recognized many times and I really feel that it is too much for the simple things that I’ve been contributing. I feel really really grateful. Thank you so much. It really motivates me to do more.
  • Got more involved in the Firefox Student Ambassadors program. Got be part of a new super fun team and I got to do something that I super love!
  • Went to MozFest again and this time, I was able to facilitate a session! Achievement unlocked!
  • Went to PDX to attend Mozlandia, which is a rare event, to plan with the beautiful people of the FSA program. Got to hitch to some Community Building and Reps sessions too.

On the rest of my life

  • Tried new things to address how ‘bored’ I am with my life in 2013 and discovered those weren’t suited for me. Got shaken up by the truth finally, ended up with a resolve for 2015, haha.
  • Ended the year reflecting with the people I trust and taking the first step on achieving the closure that I yearn for. 🙂

Well, 2014 wasn’t bad after all! This 2015, this is my resolve— Live my life, my way. For the past years all I’ve been doing in life was to follow either what my parents/ family thinks should be my path, what our culture deems normal, and what the society thinks is worth your time. It is very rare that I got to pursue something I really want and I struggle a lot on doing it because of these factors that are bringing me down. I know what I want, but is too afraid to pursue it because of what will other people think of me. 2015 will be about breaking the chain that is holding me back.