Productive Weekend

A reminder to myself: When a voice in your head tells you cannot do it, DO IT. And it will be silenced immediately.

Finally a big UI-UX-Front-end dev progress

This weekend I was super confident and productive. I can finally say at least I can design and code a website now. No copy-paste, no templates, just pure HTML & CSS. I stopped documenting my daily progress because I felt I was so slow and daily contemplating about it is just depressing. Now, I finally get to just dive and get to it. All of my stakeholders (read: my husband and his friend, lol) have given only positive feedback so far. My husband (a senior front-end dev) thinks my pace as a beginner is pretty remarkable, especially as I had very less supervision. Now I’m writing all of these in a very positive note before my inner saboteur starts whispering that everything was a lie again.

The little things

I got to buy a used German B1 book, and I’m always immediately happy about book purchases! Especially if they are used but almost good as new. 😉 ALSO, a very important achievement: After 3 years, I rode a bike again. Being in Munich I have always been jealous of bikers and I have tried many times and failed with bikes here being the smol short-legged creature that I am. I found that the Munich city bikes fit my size in the lowest chair level available. My anxiety was at its highest especially riding it on a sidewalk with people on one side and cars on the other. My husband was pretty supportive, helped me gain confidence again and off we went 4km ahead!

Will I finally start something that’s always at the back of my head?

The other weekend I finally started to shoot some content for the YT channel I’ve always been thinking to start way back when I was in India (basically since I left my country). I’ve tried it many times before but always hated the result so I just end up deleting it. Now, I just went ahead and shoot, tried to edit it and after some color correcting, discovered it can look good even without a nice camera! So I saved it as a preset and continued shooting. My next obstacle was how I keep on adding boring fillers when I talk, and I just tried editing them out and didn’t expect it will be solved. The transition feels familiar and realized I see it a lot on vloggers’ videos. Those cuts give those sudden ‘attention bursts’, as it gives a break to long scripts, while the attention span is reaching its end.