Leader Problems 01

You’re going to push your members to their limits for the success of the project. You will become stressed as their performance is unsatisfactory (to your standards). You will feel disappointed. You will point that out to them. They will become unmotivated. They will hate you. Pressure of making the event a success and keeping the team intact is on you. You will sacrifice and at least make them realize that you are already carrying an extra load. They will hate you even more, justifying that “it’s your job”.

And the worst part…

you will not show them any of that weakness because the team and the project will fall apart. You still have to show your strong demeanor and show them that you are still happy.

*le sigh*

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LOL to your dreams and aspirations.

Cebu-Bohol vacation December 2012

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I really look forward to my UPLB visits. It is my perfect getaway from the polluted Metro. Unfortunately in Rizal, albeit the environment which is pretty much the same as in Laguna, there is a scarcity of wide fields that you can run around on. Most open spaces are already concrete. Well of course unless you want to try your luck on rice fields. Well there are mountain ranges but yeah, you get the point.

UP campuses have this unique feel. Well, the campuses of UST and ADMU are pretty good too as their style serves as an oasis in the Metro. However, the artificial feeling lingers. In UP campuses, almost everything is natural. The only downside though: they look like shabby forests.

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“Your mood and how you express it will influence your work and the outlook of people you work with.

Emotional Intelligence also plays a very important part in progress and success.”

-from AIESEC FB page

As much as I find it very important, I find it really difficult to deal with my mood swings and stress. Lately I’ve been yelling at people, either because I am not satisfied with what they did or I am too stressed thinking about others’ shortcomings in their work. *sigh*

I get easily pissed and my emotions explode easily. I’ve been having a hard time controlling the ugly way that I express how unsatisfied I am with one’s work because I end up being really angry. I am not like this before 5th year. 🙁

I have emotion control (?) problems. That, or the people around me are actually not working hard.

I must really attend yoga sessions.

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My MozCamp Asia 2012 Experience

Credits to Sir Bob, Kuya Kim, Vu Hung, Steve and Yofie Setiawan for most of the pics. 🙂

I feel very thankful and honored to be nominated as a delegate in this event! Thank you Mozilla PH community especially Daddy Bob! 😛

MozCamp Asia is an annual event where Mozillans, employees, volunteers and enthusiasts, are gathered for an intensive two-day series of keynote speeches, workshops and breakout sessions. There were 3 MozCamps this year and MozCamp Asia was the last one for this year. It was held in Singapore last Nov. 16-18.

I arrived in the airport way too early because I am not sure about waking up early in the morning with my home being 2 hours away from it. 4AM check-in, 6AM flight, arrived at the airport at 11PM. HA-HA.

The waiting time was so long and they took pictures of people who are sleeping! MUST.NOT.SLEEP.

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Today marks the last day of my last sem break

Here’s my busiest and definitely stressful (yet fun) sem break in a nutshell:

Oct 13: last final exam, went home to find out my dog died. /wrist

Oct. 14-16: crammed the hell out of our PFS revision due on Oct. 16

Oct. 17-19: crammed the hell out of Overclock activities

Oct. 20-21: Overclock

Oct. 22-26: Org stuff. Org eval, recruitment and… heck, I can’t remember why I went frequently to school that week. Hmm. I think I visited LB on a certain day then Oct. 26 was dedicated to last minute stuff for inTENsity 5. Boom.

Oct. 27: inTENsity5

Oct. 28-Nov. 2: More stress induced by this certain passport problem (read:carelessness) and then I sort-of had rest. Lost a fair amount of money (read:carelessness again). PIIE catch-up mode.

Nov. 3: Aftershock. Kinda spontaneous inTENsity 5 victory party, haha. It was supposed to be on the 10th but in order to get the optimal venue choice, we were asked the day before if we can go on Nov. 3. Most of us are cool with it so it pushed through. It was so fun and the venue was extremely gorgeous.

Summary: I spent all the sem break Saturday nights out of the house, lol.

Coming up:

Nov. 5: Start of my last sem

Nov. 10-11: FFC

Nov. 16-20: MozCamp Asia+Singapore tour

Nov. 19-23: PIIE IExchange

Nov. 24: PIIE AmazIEng Race

Nov. 19-23: TW Application

Nov. 30: 2nd GA

Dec. 1: Empowerment

Dec. 9-14: Cebu-Bohol trip

Dec 20: TWinkle

Dec. 21: Paskuhan

What is rest again?

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