Forget Me Not

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Up and Down arrows to add points

Shift Alt to create proportionate circles which forms from the center

Slab-serif fonts= masculine feel

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So I was browsing my 2011 blog and stumbled upon this pic. This is my old room and my old thinking chair. I miss it. 🙁

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Lol, I haven’t really entered the ‘real world’ yet but I have experienced this at some point of my life. -_- It sort of sucked.

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Dunno if I’m up to something good. One thing’s for sure: I have to freakin finish this pub mat today.

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Singapore Tour

All pictures with myself in it are not mine.

Finally had the time to post something long haha.

Just a recap of my Singapore adventure! So after the Moz Camp Asia, we allotted a day to tour around the city. This time, we are all on our own!

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Lol for some reason this app keeps on giving me stuff perfect for my current situation, haha.

However, I still beg to disagree about this God’s unconditional love. Given that the Bible contains his words and stuff, I want to mention two words: ten commandments. Or lol, dunno maybe other religions don’t have one.

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I hate Christmas ;_;

The jolly season is forcing happiness that I feel pressured to become happy, making me sad as a result. I fear the coming Christmas day ;_;

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