Cebu-Bohol Trip

Dec. 9-14, 2012

For our Seminars and Field Trips course, we had a 5-day vacation in Cebu and Bohol! It this kinda ridiculous, really. For 5 days we have to leave all our academic commitments behind (and guess what, we went home on a Friday evening then we have a 7AM Saturday class after, lol I didn’t attend it). On the plus side, it was our only chance to have a getaway with our batchmates and for the last time in our academic life, relax (The events after this trip were rather harsh lol).

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Student Awards Day 2013

I told my bestfriend turned president of TomasinoWeb about how I would like not to graduate until our org receives the St. Dominic Award from the university. He said, “Ah bahala ka dyan basta gagraduate ako this year.” lol.

Anyway, after overcoming obstacles (read: required nomination papers) we have received the award this year! I really thought we are going to miss it again this year. We were so close but we have incomplete papers. Until the day of the student awards, even though we had our org picture taken, I am still not sure if we really got it. I just felt to happy, that’s the perfect grad gift for me.

This would never be possible without our awesome TomasinoWeb family who lives by the simple TW rules: Innovation, dedication and passion. I just love this org and its members. <3

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I have to confess that religion freaks me out.
Isn’t it weird that people are claiming different names of gods, with different rules and different scriptures? There are even religious leaders who claim to be incarnates of some random guy from a religion (funny that they created their own religion).
What’s even worse is that people shove their beliefs on others’ faces “Respect other religions” my foot.

Well anyway, the same way I believe that mango ice cream is the best ice cream in the world and it will make everyone happy, all I have to do (and actually all that I have been doing) is let them believe what they want to. Just don’t burn me alive when I say that for me, religion is some sort of a psychological medicine. The way I see it, it is something that bring ease and hope to people. It is also a good excuse to discipline people (“Junjun wag mong kainin ang lupa magagalit si Lord”).

Touche, whoever invented religion. An intricate touch.

And yes, I still can’t think of things to write for a marketing letter I’m assigned to work on.

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So I heard TW has passed its org recog papers…

I did not graduate with Latin honors or any award for any excellent academic performance.
However, I have never been so proud of myself as I have defeated my worst enemy— the old Faye Tandog.
I have proved to the old Faye that it is possible to do everything you desire just with passion and well, time management; [Commuting via public transpo for a total of 4 hrs everyday and still having the time to do your academic and org tasks? TOTALLY POSSIBLE!]
That your passion will chase you, no matter how much you run away from it;
That our mind is like a parachute— it works best when it is open;
That there is nothing more fulfilling than inspiring others and helping them find their own greatness;
And most especially, that the greatest gift in this world are the people who have helped you improve yourself and realize your dreams. Those who have inspired you to be what you want to be. Those who didn’t leave you no matter how difficult the situation you put yourself into. Those who believed in you no matter how much you refuse to believe in yourself.
Happy and fulfilled.
Mentors, classmates, orgmates, friends and my family who raised me to become independent, trusted and supported me in all my adventures (and misadventures) and never discouraged me from trying.
I thank you all. 🙂
Thank you professors, especially our adviser for most of our papers, Sir Damirson Co and my org adviser, Ma’am Virginia Sembrano!
Thank you TomasinoWeb, AIESEC-UST, PIIE-NSC, RNSHSAA, Mozilla Philippines Community for all the opportunities and lessons!
Thank you IE batchmates for not leaving me in UST!
Thank you HS friends especially Umbrella and III-Loyalty for the friendship tested by time!
Thank you kapatids, Ate Kit and JC for friendship tested by all obstacles we could ever imagine!
Thank you CK for the love, patience and support!
Thank you Mama and Papa for literally EVERYTHING!
1-12, 1-7, 2-1, 2-15, 3IEA, 3IEC, 4IEA, 4IEB (IE-COMP), 5IEA
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Busy having fun

A month ago I have no idea how to handle the last and the hardest wave of my acad life considering I have loads of org commitments. Now that I have totally abandoned acads (for now), the only dilemma is managing my time with my family, my friends and my orgs.

My father is having his vacation here in the PH so I make it a point to prioritize our family adventures. I might have hit the jackpot on absences in org events and being unresponsive. Gah, we are out of the house, testing the accurateness of Google Maps the whole day, almost everyday (we just took days off to rest). Other than not having a PC at home to use, I can’t find the time to focus on my org stuff as I usually go mobile, with limited applications and unstable Internet connection. Gah.

I promise to properly catch up on my PIIE, RNSHSAA and Mozilla stuff when my father leaves for work. I just want to make up for all the time I didn’t give my family to survive this acad year.

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St. Dominic de Guzman Award (outstanding teamwork) recipient for AY 2012-2013.

Another dream come true for me 🙂

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Imagine me saying this really really fast.

We have a defense tom at 6pm and we are not done with the paper as of now. The SOP is to give the panelists the paper 5days before the defense. Due to some stuff, our group have to start over with this study. And we did that 5days before the defense. A sem’s worth of paper, done it 5days.

So we will probably cram the defense preparations the whole day. After the defense we have to work on take home quizzes due on Sunday and oh, we have to submit another sem project on Monday, and we have to take 2 final exams.

On Tuesday, we have another final exam in SCL9, the subject I am in the verge of failing. Not to mention that we have to pass our seminar reaction papers on the same day.

We have to submit our revised papers by March 7 to graduate.

From a scale of 1 to 10, how screwed am I?

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Let me tell you a story of how screwed I am.

We have 3 thesis-equivalent papers that must be accomplished this sem to graduate.

The project feasibility study, in which we have a certain product, we are going to start a business and we will determine its feasibility from the marketing down to the finances. This is the heaviest project that we have as we have to research about the industry and its associated costs. EVERY cost. From the posters to the machines to the land to the salaries. We have to determine the needed machines, how to manufacture the product, taxes, employee benefits— it is just one hell of a mess. Not to mention that our very first task in this project last sem was to conduct a survey to 400 persons around Metro Manila.

The systems engineering study that we have to conduct in a company to document their processes in a certain aspect and suggest improvements to it. As of now, we are close to zero progress due to problems on our arrangement in the company.

The information systems study where we have to improve or design an information system of a company.

Also, we have pretty demanding elective courses and a general course which is demanding for me (read: SCL9. I just hate the required courses of the Institute of Religion).

AND, I have lots of orgs and other social responsibilities I have to maintain.

So here’s how messed up my month will be:

Feb. 10 I set this date to finish the IS study but then it turns out we have a pretty heavy report tomorrow in an elective course. So I have no choice but to work on that report.

I also have to polish the year-end recruitment, which I plan to be a strictly referral basis only, that is, only for people referred by TomWebbers.

Feb. 11-15 JFFC hell week.

My target week for  year-end recruitment sign-ups

Feb. 11 Report on service systems and design

Feb. 12 Must go to the company for our systems study

Must study for IS quiz

Feb. 13 Deadliest deadline for the JFFC team to complete briefing the speakers, which I shall facilitate. The briefings occur usually in Makati as most of them work there. After class, I have to run from Manila to Makati.

IS quiz, tentative date

Feb. 14 IS quiz another tentative date

Feb. 15 SSD quiz

Feb. 16-17 JFFC

Feb. 18-22 PFS hell week and PIIE congress hell week

My target week for the TW year-end recruitment interview

Feb. 23 PFS defense

Feb. 24-25 PIIE Congress in Cagayan de Oro

Feb. 25-March 1 SE hell week

My target week for the TW  year-end application

March 2 SE defense

March 3-7 Revision hell week

March 8- deadline of grades submission of graduating students.


March 9-April 3 nganga month/ find a job month

April 4- Graduation!

I am so screwed.

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It looks really familiar. Though mind you, I didn’t copy this from anything.

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