Old School Blogging

Hey y’all, just trying out Gutenberg. I think this is the most drastic change I’ve ever seen in the WordPress editor so far. Anyway, I just wanted to write about something I miss.

Don’t we miss how we used blogs before, just writing our unfiltered thoughts without the fear of being discovered by friends or worse, by potential employers through Google search? Well, I thought I missed it so I think it will also help my sanity (#adulting) to write down all the positive things that happen daily.

Those who know me are probably aware that I might not be the most positive person. I think in reality and risk nowadays, because I feel every time I try to be blindly positive, things screw up! Anyway…

  • I never imagined that I’ll say this in my life ever, but nowadays a sunny day to me now means a good day! In a freezing weather, you’ll really get to appreciate the tropics. Or maybe not, I don’t want humidity anytime soon!
  • Starting a new chapter in my German class! Don’t you love new chapters and being able to catch up at the pace of a book very well. It kinda gives you hope that your life is still in order, lol
  • Our teacher told us that our class is picking up things very fast. She said they had students before who can’t digest the very important concept of verb conjugation. Before I was a bit unsure if I’m in a good class (I had to give feedback to my husband’s company and I really don’t know the standards to know a good class) but listening to the stories of my friends in their German classes with their uninteresting teachers and problematic classmates, well okay I can now say I’m in good hands