Mozilla Summit 2013 Santa Clara

It’s been a while since I last blogged. It was indeed a tough week, especially with lots of non-work stuff going on (I love my job, lol). I haven’t told you (imaginary) guys about the awesome event we had in Laguna ! It was a tough one to be honest, we had an attendance more than what is expected so we have to immediately adjust our logistics. Good thing we have an epic team of student facilitators at the event! After the App Days in Laguna, we had some good fun in the van where we sang like children on a fieldtrip. Next event was our most awaited one– the Mozilla Summit 2013! Philippine delegates were assigned to Santa Clara, CA. THE SILICON VALLEY! On my next blog post I will talk about my first two days in CA where we had a Silicon Valley adventure. In this post, let’s talk about the MozSummit. I don’t really have much pictures as I want to concentrate on the talks and the event (hey, it’s what I came in for lol) so I’ll have to borrow pics from other Mozillians.

First let us talk about the venue! It was held in Santa Clara Marriott in Santa Clara, CA. It is near the McAffee office and the Great America theme park.

And now, the Summit kit! Here is a picture of it from a fellow WoMoz, Chit Maung.

Summit goodies

We were given a messenger bag with 3 shirts (I didn’t even have to use the shirts I have brought with me!), Summit nametag where you will put some stickers on it, some stickers and interestingly, hydration powder (???). We also have this Summit Sharpie!


On the first day of the Summit proper we watched Mitchell’s speech in Brussels (I think) about Mozilla and its journey for the past years. I really like how Mitchell deliver her speeches. The way she tells what Mozilla is keeps reminding me why I love being part of this passionate community.  She told everyone that we should build the Internet the world needs and in order to do that, the Internet should be knowable, interoperable and it should be ours. It must be about us, people that are not about getting money. STRAIGHT TO THE HEART, BABY!

Mozillians who were not able to attend. I’m seeing familiar names 🙁 Photo by Bob Reyes

Afterwards Brendan Eich and Harvey Anderson introduced some work-in-progress that I am not sure if we can disclose publicly, but I can say that they’re cooking some very cool stuff for the web. VERY.COOL.STUFF. I think I can spill this one though:

Rendering Flash without.Flash.player. DUDE.
Rendering SWF without.Flash.player. DUDE.

After the plenaries, we had a world fair where I took care of the WoMoz booth along with Michelle Luna.

Photo by Ben Kerensa
Photo by Bob Reyes

That afternoon I helped facilitate a session on Building A Web Literate World with Benny, Christos, Ankit and Ganesh. Photos are from Ganesh Pillai

I’m new in handling Webmaker events and I have to be honest that this session is an eye-opener for me on how Mozillians from other countries lead their sessions. I’m pretty shy too as I’m with three other guys who seem to know a lot more than I do, haha. I promise to learn more! It was great to hear plans from advocates on how important making a web literate world is and what we should do to help it grow.

After the sessions for today we had a photoshoot with all the attendees of the Santa Clara summit.

Photo by Bob Reyes
Photo by Gen Kanai

Photo by Gen Kanai

We also had a meet-up with the Mozilla Reps in Santa Clara.

Photo by Bob Reyes
Photo by Bob Reyes
Photo by Bob Reyes
Rep Who game featuring Filipino rep Aaron Cajes. The app didn’t work after that. HAHA. Photo by Bob Reyes

For that night, we had a Firefox OS Dinner where the achievements of Firefox OS are discussed over delicious food! (YEAH HAHA)

What's for dinner? Photo by Bob Reyes
What’s for dinner? Photo by Bob Reyes

After dinner we had the most awaited KARAOKE NIGHT. HELL YEAH KARAOKE. The MozPH girls sang California Girls by Katy Perry. We’re not even drunk and I at least didn’t have any drink!

Other than the sessions in the Summit, what I really love is the breakfast that jumpstart our day. I always have my healthy share of breakfast actually. For example,

BACOOOOOOON. Photo by Kevin Ventura
Very healthy indeed. Photo by Kevin Ventura
Very healthy indeed. Photo by Kevin Ventura
My usual breakfast there: Lots of bacon, eggs, some bread,  oats, yogurt, coffee and APPLE JUICE.
My usual breakfast there: Lots of bacon, eggs, some bread, oats, yogurt, coffee and APPLE JUICE.
Our lovely breakfast spot. What I love in the US is that I get to appreciate the sun! Every morning I look forward to eating under the warm sun because it is so cold in the morning. Photo by Bob Reyes
Our lovely breakfast spot. What I love in the US is that I get to appreciate the sun! Every morning I look forward to eating under the warm sun because it is so cold in the morning. Photo by Bob Reyes
The sweet lady who makes those awesome brews!
The sweet lady who makes those awesome brews!

The next day we started with Harvey Anderson’s talk on the Health of the Web which gave insights on the current state of the Web which can be used in our strategies to aid Mozilla’s goals.

SAM_0074 SAM_0072

After it we had the Culture Pulse, which I am very interested about as it discusses the analysis on the values survey conducted prior the Summit.Knowing these values will help the community establish its goals specifically in its community-building aspects and how they put their hearts on the product they contribute to.

SAM_0075 SAM_0076SAM_0078 SAM_0080 SAM_0081 SAM_0082 SAM_0083

I then attended the FSA session in the afternoon and we have discussed how reps should be involved with the FSA’s and the FSA Camp! We had a Mozilla Reps photoshoot later in the afternoon. 10112555433_274f2c8445_h 10112501476_5ba2ac5038_h

With William Quiviger, one the leaders of the Mozilla Reps program! He is based in Paris and his mother is a Filipina! He occasionally visits the Philippines and is actually familiar with a lot of Filipino food! Photo by Bob Reyes.

After the World Fare Dinner, we headed to the nearby Great America for an amazing theme park experience! Wow, I can’t even remember the last time I went to an amusement park and rode a roller coaster. All photos by Bob Reyes.

10162598534_75804f7ad7_h 1278920_10153330885335023_1940332617_o10162711565_b51485bb5e_h

We waited in line for like an hour at the roller coaster but it was very well worth it! It was the most extreme ride I had yet! After gathering ideas for the past two days, we had a session on turning them into actions. We were asked to write our suggested action plans on flipboards around the hall and I got immersed in the Webmaker area, haha.

SAM_0090For the afternoon sessions, my friends and I decided to attend a session which is the same with the morning one but is more specific and targeted to our team back home.

Photo by Kevin Ventura

It was an intimate session with the Taiwan community and I have to say this was my favorite session ever! Ernest introduced some tools we can use in brainstorming for our strategic plans and events that we can organize. I will really apply the useful stuff we have learned to our team!

To cap the Mozilla Summit 2013 in Santa Clara of course there was a dinner dance party! Our team was not able to join though, so we had our last In N Out burger because Marcus and I will go home the next day. We returned to the hotel and people were so drunk! I got to witness a whole diverse culture pack of drunk people! :p

That was Mozilla Summit 2013 in Santa Clara! Events with Mozillians can NEVER be dull! I had a lot of fun, I learned a lot and I got a lot of new ideas to share with the Philippine team. I’ve been reunited with the people that I met at MozCamp Asia last year and I got to meet a lot of new people, especially the WoMoz! AAAAAAND THE NEW HONORARY MEMBERS OF THE MOZILLAPH TEAM! HAHAHA (Hello Sir Lionel and Ben!) We got to meet new people who have Filipino blood working as Mozilla employees. New addition to the tribo! This event reminded me that I have made the right choice to follow what I wanna do, even though others see it as a waste of time and resources. I love this community as this is driven by passion and values– stuff you can never put a price tag on.

My next stop: MozFest in London! Woohoo!