Moving on to 2015-16 with the FSA program

So in this post I had an idea to document what we are doing at the FSA program to engage Mozilla’s young  people.

Last term (2014-15) I was part of the pioneer FSA Eboard whose focus was on revolutionizing the program. I handled Club Development and that was honestly one of the best things that I have done for Mozilla so far. Now, I am continuing my work on supporting the program by digging deeper from developing Firefox Clubs to focusing on the ambassadors themselves. Formally, the name of my position would be Ambassador Impact Lead. I am grateful to be serving another term with the eboard with the amazing #FSADREAMTEAM!

Compared to my role last term where I set-up a structure and a system to facilitate club formations, my work for Ambassador Impact would be very similar to doing a research, where I continuously find ways to understand the FSA population and target market to develop the needed support and resources for the ambassadors.

As of now my planned projects are as follows:

I plan to launch the survey by November to serve as valuable input at the workweek and at least release the beta of the portal by the end of this year.

Regarding my personal goals for this term and this role, TJ and I talked about my aim to improve my facilitation skills. Perhaps my biggest dream right now is to facilitate a conference/ summit for FSAs. I would really like to try to facilitate an event with participants from a different country!

SO, let us have another awesome year again with the FSA team!