Month 1 Finale

Now I’m back in Munich and I really didn’t get to accomplish my goals when I first set it for my sabbatical. Lesson learned: If you will only be in your home country for less than 2 months expecting you won’t be back in at least almost 2 years, don’t expect to have the time and focus to study.

I spent my first unemployed month connecting with friends, trying my best to help at home, running my document errands, shopping for goods that good for the next 2 years and doing all the chilling I can fit. Time always ran very fast.

While I didn’t get to finish a shiny portfolio, I am proud to have started and have all the wireframes and plans of everything. I finished reading the Creative Curve, and following it I have consumed content as much as I can and started surrounding myself with a community (online) that will help me in the new field I’m trying to get in.

Being back in Munich is way better than I expected, where I planned to just cry the whole day alone when I arrive (lol). I had a nice surprise in the flat and I have the perfect energy to attend my German class, the same day I just finished my 30-hour journey! I have also been invited to an interview for an internship, happening today, and walking distance from home.

Let’s see where this goes!