Maker Party Alphaland + PIIE-NSC Turnover + Web Chixies Meet-up

While I’m downloading the 2nd episode of Free!…Since I have some overdue blog posts, I’mma combine these two related events in one.

6/29/13 Maker Party 2013 Alphaland

Mozilla’s summer (in the west, lol) season of coding has begun and the MozPH team started it with an all-girl Webmaking session! Of course, since I am the one who organized it, it should be all-girl! Kidding. This is in support of the Women and Mozilla initiative of Mozilla PH. I have an official blog post here and here are some awkward pics of myself.


With Daddy Mentor Bob

Presenting Faye’s WTH Face

After the Maker Party, I ran to Megamall for the PIIE-NSC Turnover dinner!

We had dinner at Uncle Cheffy and lawdy, STEAK FEST! That ended my term as a PIIE-NSC officer. I really had fun with the team and I met a lot of IE students because of this organization. Love you guys!

7/6/13 Web Chixies Meet-up

For the first time ever, I got to speak in an event that I didn’t organize, haha. I have a blog post about that here.

I talked about Women and the Open Web in this event…

…and I think they didn’t expect a 20-year old fresh grad to be speaking for Mozilla there. THE PRESSURE. I was in a speaker line-up including famous motivational speaker Chinkee Tan and popular women in the local Web community,  Janette Toral and Rachel Jaro.

It was my first time to receive a cert for speaking. Dem feelz. It was really a pleasure to speak and get listened to by individuals who definitely know better than me in IT and are more experienced in the industry. I received some positive and very encouraging feedback! I will definitely work hard to improve my knowledge and skills. Start young.