FSA Leaders Camp 2013

Aaaaaand after Overclock 2013 north of Manila, I ran to Laguna to co-facilitate the FSA Leaders Camp. Good thing I was not really in-charge of the Day 1 stuff so I have no worries coming in late. :p My task at the FSA camp was to facilitate the non-technical side of it which involves leadership and team building activities. On Day 1, the awesome MozMen handled informing the ambassadors all the stuff they need to know about Mozilla and some basic tips on handling the audience of the talks for each product/program. Some shots of the night:

Illustrations of the ‘logos’ of our FSA leaders

10405252865_219c838968_h 10407513783_5352e08f1a_h 10406882855_3435be1461_h

Before everyone retire for the night, I left them with a little message regarding trust being the foundation of the team, as demonstrated on a simple trust activity:


Participants have to form two lines facing each other and they have to lean on their partners to stand while I instruct them to take a step back with their palms in contact with their partner, who they have just met.

  10419175166_be549b583e_h 10419112955_d1a890af9a_h

The next day after a little energizing game of Simon Says, we challenged the FSA’s with the Helium Stick.

10420175826_eeeceaff3d_hGiven a long stick made of soft drinking straws, they have to put it down together with only one index finger for each hand of the member. Facilitators must ensure that all fingers are in contact with the stick at the same time, all of the time in the process.



10421338314_1aa0c4859b_h 10421539544_2798b11359_h 10421610504_a70a05dc92_h 10421431065_2e1d856551_h 10421396616_3c5cf57b0a_h Some had difficulties while there are some who finished it quickly. Some members are somehow fighting at some instances! Well, the goal of the activity is to teach how the members should deal with the differences in their team and how important it is to be of the same level with everyone in order to accomplish your team goals.

Wut wut wut wut


We had some processing of the activity and then I discussed what the good qualities of a leader are. After which, we had them think of ideas on what should be improved on the FSA program or what events should we do/ they would love to see done.


Next skill to develop is their public speaking skill. I discussed some tips on presenting and had them identify what qualities do they remember from a good speaker that they have met in the past.


We also identified their public speaking skills by lining up to how they would rate their skill as I mention it.


We then had a Spectogram session where issues within the Mozilla community were raised and they have to express their opinion about it.

10422244425_234ee6063c_h   10422135944_4ef5cd3012_h

With all the discussion about public speaking and some exercises on speaking up their mind, they are now set to the presentation challenge! Each team randomly picked a topic then they have to discuss it to different types of non-Mozillian audience to convince them to use it/ contribute to it. They also have to answer the questions raised by the audience.


10423842633_69835810bd_h 10423140485_a7cfbf709f_h

WoMoz talk
The audience, haha


After the presentation challenge, we had our last team games which include a caterpillar and a relay game. For the caterpillar game, team members will search for items on the field while blindfolded, except for their chosen team leader who will guide them without talking to them.   10427546913_e495ebb526_h 10427683366_2fe70eb0bc_h

 10426635685_35ee3672b3_h 10426252226_e3eeed58c9_h

We then had a relay of unusual activities where each station has some ordinary activities going on but then they should do it a little different from the conventional way. (Got this idea from our company team building activity, hahaha)

Shooting paper balls to a small cup
Writing in cursive opposite your reading direction

10428109765_c3fee7d7f2_h Passing a bottle with your feet!

And the overall winners! Team Hermes!



We had some processing of the activities and said our personal messages to the FSA’s. We commended everyone’s dedication to our community and we emphasized their roles not just as FSA’s but as leaders of their respective clubs. We emphasized that all stuff that we have learned here are meant to be shared to their respective clubs. So off you go and educate!

The Aaron Cajes pose hahaha!

It was indeed a productive weekend full of learning and teaching at the FSA Camp! We are just proud of these leads and I am sure they will continue making the Philippine community proud! We are looking forward to them applying what they have learned that weekend!