I hate Christmas ;_;

The jolly season is forcing happiness that I feel pressured to become happy, making me sad as a result. I fear the coming Christmas day ;_;

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I really look forward to my UPLB visits. It is my perfect getaway from the polluted Metro. Unfortunately in Rizal, albeit the environment which is pretty much the same as in Laguna, there is a scarcity of wide fields that you can run around on. Most open spaces are already concrete. Well of course unless you want to try your luck on rice fields. Well there are mountain ranges but yeah, you get the point.

UP campuses have this unique feel. Well, the campuses of UST and ADMU are pretty good too as their style serves as an oasis in the Metro. However, the artificial feeling lingers. In UP campuses, almost everything is natural. The only downside though: they look like shabby forests.

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“Your mood and how you express it will influence your work and the outlook of people you work with.

Emotional Intelligence also plays a very important part in progress and success.”

-from AIESEC FB page

As much as I find it very important, I find it really difficult to deal with my mood swings and stress. Lately I’ve been yelling at people, either because I am not satisfied with what they did or I am too stressed thinking about others’ shortcomings in their work. *sigh*

I get easily pissed and my emotions explode easily. I’ve been having a hard time controlling the ugly way that I express how unsatisfied I am with one’s work because I end up being really angry. I am not like this before 5th year. 🙁

I have emotion control (?) problems. That, or the people around me are actually not working hard.

I must really attend yoga sessions.

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Today marks the last day of my last sem break

Here’s my busiest and definitely stressful (yet fun) sem break in a nutshell:

Oct 13: last final exam, went home to find out my dog died. /wrist

Oct. 14-16: crammed the hell out of our PFS revision due on Oct. 16

Oct. 17-19: crammed the hell out of Overclock activities

Oct. 20-21: Overclock

Oct. 22-26: Org stuff. Org eval, recruitment and… heck, I can’t remember why I went frequently to school that week. Hmm. I think I visited LB on a certain day then Oct. 26 was dedicated to last minute stuff for inTENsity 5. Boom.

Oct. 27: inTENsity5

Oct. 28-Nov. 2: More stress induced by this certain passport problem (read:carelessness) and then I sort-of had rest. Lost a fair amount of money (read:carelessness again). PIIE catch-up mode.

Nov. 3: Aftershock. Kinda spontaneous inTENsity 5 victory party, haha. It was supposed to be on the 10th but in order to get the optimal venue choice, we were asked the day before if we can go on Nov. 3. Most of us are cool with it so it pushed through. It was so fun and the venue was extremely gorgeous.

Summary: I spent all the sem break Saturday nights out of the house, lol.

Coming up:

Nov. 5: Start of my last sem

Nov. 10-11: FFC

Nov. 16-20: MozCamp Asia+Singapore tour

Nov. 19-23: PIIE IExchange

Nov. 24: PIIE AmazIEng Race

Nov. 19-23: TW Application

Nov. 30: 2nd GA

Dec. 1: Empowerment

Dec. 9-14: Cebu-Bohol trip

Dec 20: TWinkle

Dec. 21: Paskuhan

What is rest again?

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So, uh.

I feel depressed right now, which, come to think of it, is a mood perfectly fitting the occasion. Or maybe not. So, I will blog about random things.

On KitKat

I freaking love KitKat. I was crying tears of joy when my mother went home from a short visit overseas with like, 5 boxes of KitKat. ;_; Okay I am eating one right now because they say chocolate gives this feeling comparable to being in love. Omnomnom KitKat. I started hating chocolates though. I used to go gaga over Toblerone and hmmm its nougats. I used to really like Reese’s and Cadbury and Hershey’s and and..meh. Right now what I am thinking are the calories and sugar of chocolates. And quoting my orgmate, #NotHealthy (lol). Interestingly, CK usually gives me chocolates (not intended though, it just so happens that he has chocolates :P) and I never complained. Omnomnom. Calories. Another manifestation that I am getting old.

On All Saints’ Day

We went to Caloocan today to visit my grandparents’ grave and I found a plate of pancit and biko on a nearby grave. I remember that there was a plate of the same food last year too. I asked my mother what the hell is going on.

Ano ka ba, favorite kasi.

Oh okay, kapag namatay ako lagyan nyo ako ng isaw, four seasons at Cheezy

Oh, my simple joys in life. And then I lost 1k today because of my carelessness. Sucks, man. I got so depressed that I watched cute cat videos. :3

On Lipton Red Tea

I love Lipton Red Tea. I love love love their red tea. CK introduced me to 7-11’s Big Gulp with Lipton Red Tea and there was actually a week that I only had that Big Gulp as my water. I love the unlimited Lipton Red Tea at Super Bowl of China. Hah :3 I miss their lemon chicken :3

On being hungry right now

Wow I didn’t know I’d get hungry from typing this post. Now what should I dig from the kitchen?

I want isaw. I want lemon chicken and their yang chow. I want Serenitea’s okinawa milk tea I want Bubble Tea’s chicken somethings I want Cantonese’s sharksfin dumplings I want Onnaka Ippai’s katsudon gahd I am hungry ;_; *throws tantrums*

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When I feel unmotivated/nervous/down/insecure/inferior, I just flip my hair and say, “I am too fabulous for this shit.”

That, btw is not a quote.

And that picture is me, doing random dressing up, bringing rainbows and lulz.

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On ‘sem break’

Emphasis on the apostrophe.

So uh, while people around me are having fun with their sem enders, here I am worrying about stuff lol.

Our sem break (and my hopefully last sem break as an undergrad) officially starts today. However, unlike my past sem breaks, I can’t seem to relax. For example, right now, I have to work on the MOA between my org and a certain resort who is going to sponsor our team building. BUT, I have to finish my part in PFS as my other groupmate can’t start working without my part. We have a final paper deadline this week and there are lots of stuff going on. I also have to create a letter requesting OSA to allow us to change the date of our team building. It will be in less than a week so I must really work fast. Gah, our OSA is really strict especially with off-campus activities. Well, it is to ensure our safety after all.

So now, I must work on the MOA and my part on our PFS. Juggling acads and org, kinda literally. Afterwards I’ll work on the letter for OSA. Then work on the final stuff for our PFS and perhaps some stuff for UR, the date of the presentation of which is still yet to be announced.

Too busy to worry about my grades. I know I’ll have low grades this sem but eh, who cares haha. From what I have experienced on the corporate world, in the end, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is what you know. Maybe also the way you do it.

To end this post, here is a pic of me eating lettuce. Bitchazz.

My theme sucks and Tumblr sucks for not providing basic resizing options. You really expect hipsters to know HTML, Tumblr?

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Hello 2014!

Okay I kid. Fortunately as of now, I am still a candidate for graduation on March 2013. This week made me lose hope and think it will go otherwise though. Our group worked on our UR draft and passed it to our adviser and guess what, he seemed not to know what to do about it lol. Well you see, this course is a new addition to our curriculum and it is the lecturer who knows about it. Apparently he didn’t inform the advisers. Oh, we were informed that this course was actually not designed to be finished this sem, but on December. So whatever we do today, we are not going to have a grade for that course this sem as the lecturer will have to schedule the presentation on the sem break. Out of shock and disbelief (hey, it was not our fault and it was not our decision to conduct an experiment on our batch!) So we abandoned the research for now to focus on our PFS. The deadline of our paper was Sept. 21 but we were not able to finish it so we passed our final paper the week after. AND, it had so many revisions that the lecturer won’t sign our recommendation for presentation and defense. We will have our defense the week after and we must be approved for defense way before that, else, we are going to have a tough finals week and perhaps, sem break. It was finally approved just this Monday, 2 days before the defense. Luckily, the panelists were accommodating and accepted such a short notice.

I was so excited for the presentation because heck, this is a marketing presentation, I got this shit. Well the presentation was fine, but then apparently, I was not prepared for the defense, L-O-L. Let me give you a picture to describe what we have realized about our paper.

Sinkholes. Sinkholes everywhere. Also, everything that we knew of was A LIE.

We were torn between what the lecturer, adviser and panelist want. It was confusing and depressing. Also, only one panelist was present so we have to present to the other panelist again. Our adviser instructed us to make the revisions before presenting to the other panelist and guess what? The other panelist requested us to present the next day.


And off to the revisions we went. All-nighter it is! Also, I have to wake up early in the morning as I have to commute for 2 hours! Well, I was asleep the whole ride. =_=

We informed the panelist, who is fortunately an instructor in our department and we are in good terms with, about this matter that is, we have to make the revisions first so we were asking for more time. She told us that it is okay, just present what we presented yesterday and tell her the revisions that we are going to make.

The presentation and defense with her was very enlightening. We left the room with enlightened minds regarding our study and it felt hella great, man. I really wish she could be our adviser. 🙁

So as of this moment, our group is going to replenish our energy first before working on the revisions. Doing the revisions might take a sem break to finish =_=

Other than the stress this week, this weather is making me hungry. Bye gotta eat a lot bitchaz.

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On sabog living

Why hello I am in someone else’s house. It is 2:26 in the morning and I am still working on our PPT presentation for our feasib study defense on Wed. Oh, I have a quiz in human resource at 9AM later and I don’t have a clue on what will be in the test yet. Oh, I have to commute for 2 hours so I have to wake up at 6AM. Again, it is freakin two in the morning and I must finish this presentation, studying for the quiz afterwards. I thank Spotify for keeping me awake and my orgmates for providing a good playlist I cannot resist putting on loop. Coffee problem solved.

After the quiz I have to run to my house and work on the revisions this certain org asks me to do, which as much as possible I would like to resist because well, I hate you all I like what I did on those things. I must practice for the defense immediately after that.

After the defense, we have to work on the revisions then work on our other paper then take the final exams then I have to plan for the team building of my other certain org. Oh, I am also going to have a defense set on the sem break. I also have to catch up with my friends. I have to do some coursework on EdX. I must also initiate the planning of the biggest events of my two certain orgs set next year. So uh, where is the sem break again?

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If I were to have something that I really like (and hate) about myself it would be my ‘GORAFIREBALLS’ attitude, as I would like to call it.

Except drinking alcohol and similar stuff, I am addicted to trying new things. I get easily bored by habitual stuff that I usually end up doing a lot of things at the same time, grabbing all the opportunities and experiencing anything laid before me so that I’ll learn more. College made me realize how much I hate being caged within the four walls of the classroom. So I came up with a conclusion that for me, experience is the best teacher. Adventure is the most effective way of learning.

And with that kids, let me tell you what happened today.

I tried out for this program by a well-known health and wellness company in the world. I got through the two interview levels but I must say that I know I can’t go any further and yet I feel happy that I learned new things. The application process made me feel the urgency of thinking about my career track which I think, shall be discussed in a future blog post… after this sem. 😛 Gahd, I need a retreat. So much too learn, so little money, so little time, so little energy. Another than saving up money, I must really think of measures to improve my health.

Big Bang Theory S6 will premiere tomorrow, woohoo.

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