Month 1 Finale

Now I’m back in Munich and I really didn’t get to accomplish my goals when I first set it for my sabbatical. Lesson learned: If you will only be in your home country for less than 2 months expecting you won’t be back in at least almost 2 years, don’t expect to have the time and focus to study.

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Week #3

I’m becoming less hopeful and as the date of my flight back to Munich is looming, so does my anxiety. I had a couple of errands this week that made me very distracted. I only managed to finally decide on a color for my personal website and it’s literally just one color that I feel I wasted time thinking about it if I will just come up with something simple. Lol.

Anyway, I tried applying to a lot of intern posting and I think reading all the qualifications crippled me as it filled my thoughts that I won’t get a job any time soon. It’s either a bad combination of 1.) perfect job, bad location 2.) perfect job and location but requires German. I am not regretting any bit of my career decisions but damn, now I am lost where to go. Of course I know what I am good at and what kind of job I’ll definitely nail, but unfortunately, without German knowledge I won’t get it anywhere, so I’ll have to find something else. And my level at this ‘something else’ is so low, that as someone working for a while now, it frustrates me to go back to square one in my late 20s. Sigh.

Nevertheless, I spent a super fun weekend outdoors with some friends and it was hella fun. It was so fun that we barely took pictures the whole trip. I know that after this trip I won’t get this fun anytime soon (in at least a year, to be precise) so I don’t regret going on a dopamine overload.

Sigh. I plan to cram the hell out of things in terms of output in my last 2 weeks. Things aren’t looking great, kitty girl!

Week #2

HA I failed to actually come up with an output last week. By output I mean a case study or a mockup. I sketched a lot of wireframe though but I am really struggling with designing in a software. I freeze with the thinking about the aesthetics. I think it is because I think that in order to design this, first I must have a style guide in place, I should have a logo and icons set. And to have a style guide I need to have an idea first for whom am I designing for. Ahhh! Now I realized that my mind always works in processes that a simple skip in the process incapacitates me. I really need to work on that one.

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Sabbatical, here we go

I just arrived in the Philippines which means my official sabbatical time will commence in 2 weeks. And my sabbatical is not really about having fun; it’s self-studying like crazy to shift to a new career and find a new job back in Germany. Cool-cool-cool-cool-cool

It will be the first time that I’ll be out of job for at least a full month to take time to study so that I can move on in my career. The pressure is ON. And just a segue, GIRL, I am hating Gutenberg right now (!!!).

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