TW Overclock 2013

NOTE: This will just be a huge picspam as I just went to this event for a while. :p

Oct. 18-21 is definitely an eventful weekend for me as I have ran from my work in the east to TW Overclock in the north and finally to FSA Leaders Camp in the south. It was VERY tiring  but I regret nothing!

It is my first time to attend Overclock as an alumna! Overclock started on my first time to be part of the executive board and I’ve been one of the facilitators ever since, hence I really didn’t get to enjoy any Overclock activity. This time, I am just a guest so I just have to derp around and watch the kids facilitate their own event! Well, I actually took part in a talk about a TomWeb Leader. Here are some shots by Gen Aguilan:

TSIKASINOWEB! The official source of TomWeb chikkas since 2012 haha

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WoMoz PHL Meeting and TomWeb GA Weekend

(pictures belong to Ryan Ermita and Gen Aguilan)

Stormy yet eventful weekend! Despite the storm that we battled to get to the venue (WE WERE OVERLOOKING MANILA BAY!), I had a meeting with UPLB COSS about an event partnership and the newly formed WoMoz team had a meetup to discuss our event and project plans immediately after.

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Maker Party Alphaland + PIIE-NSC Turnover + Web Chixies Meet-up

While I’m downloading the 2nd episode of Free!…Since I have some overdue blog posts, I’mma combine these two related events in one.

6/29/13 Maker Party 2013 Alphaland

Mozilla’s summer (in the west, lol) season of coding has begun and the MozPH team started it with an all-girl Webmaking session! Of course, since I am the one who organized it, it should be all-girl! Kidding. This is in support of the Women and Mozilla initiative of Mozilla PH. I have an official blog post here and here are some awkward pics of myself.


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TW Induction 2013

After a sort-of rigorous application process, we have a new TomasinoWeb core group for 2013-14 which was announced in this year’s induction ceremonies!

We had our induction at the gorgeous Villa Infant Jesus in Marikina (as usual)! Many thanks to the family of our orgmate who owns the lovely place! (And lives just in front of it hahaha)

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Student Awards Day 2013

I told my bestfriend turned president of TomasinoWeb about how I would like not to graduate until our org receives the St. Dominic Award from the university. He said, “Ah bahala ka dyan basta gagraduate ako this year.” lol.

Anyway, after overcoming obstacles (read: required nomination papers) we have received the award this year! I really thought we are going to miss it again this year. We were so close but we have incomplete papers. Until the day of the student awards, even though we had our org picture taken, I am still not sure if we really got it. I just felt to happy, that’s the perfect grad gift for me.

This would never be possible without our awesome TomasinoWeb family who lives by the simple TW rules: Innovation, dedication and passion. I just love this org and its members. <3

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Online journalism. Digital arts. Photography. Web development.
All these and more in TomasinoWeb, UST’s official online student publication.
Now on its fifth year, this university-wide organization comprised of talented Thomasians working together in the pursuit of innovative ways to share information through digital media is looking for new blood.

Get caught in the web of new possibilities.
Join TomasinoWeb.
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inTENsity 5: The First RNSHS Grand Alumni Homecoming

I do not own any of the pictures. 🙂

Woohoo! So yeah, a week after Overclock, I attended inTENsity 5! I really don’t have time to rest this sem break.

This is the first alumni homecoming in Risci and it was a BLAST.

I am part of this term’s Board of Trustees but I am not really involved in organizing the event because we have host batches. Also, I was so busy 🙁 So I just live tweeted and did a live stream of the event. I promise to make it up to you guys 🙁

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Overclock 2012!

All images by Gen Aguilan.

Last year’s Overclock (the pictures seem to be damaged, lol I just linked those from Facebook) was amazing and that challenged us to do better this year. Guess what, we held it again in Antipolo! As usual, it is close to my house. WELL, most of our members live in the east so it is for the greater good! 😛 In fact, about half didn’t have to avail the service vehicle as it is just a short drive away from their home. SEE? 😛

This year’s Overclock was held last Oct. 20-21 at Altaroca in Antipolo.

Two of my other co-facis stayed overnight in our home to finish the preparations for Overclock. We arrived late on the venue. Those living in Manila arrived earlier than us. Oh well.

My job, was of course, to bully entertain the kids. Lol.

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Message of Thanks for TomWeb

I thought it’s kinda inappropriate to say goodbye and recall my TomWeb story because I’m not leaving, yet. Lol. So first, I’ll just recall and give thanks to what TomWeb has given me so far.

Thank you TomWeb for the org room. Thank you for being my shelter during hot, boring afternoons, long breaks, heavy rains and class suspensions. I really enjoyed the aircon and the PC. Thank you for the venue where I can eat my packed lunch without paying anything. XD Seriously though, thank you for giving me a home in the university, where I was able to bond with what I consider as my family in college.

Thank you TomWeb for the activities. Being an easy-go-lucky person that I am who doesn’t like being caged in the four walls of the classroom, TomWeb gave me the chance to explore my passion, my skills and the real world. TomWeb exposed me to different activities from educational ones (that is not really related to my course) to social ones, inside and outside of the university.

Thank you TomWeb for the experience. I joined TomWeb because of my interest, but I realized that there is so much more than being just interested— there is passion. Passion to do it because it gives you a sense of fulfillment. I was able to apply what I learn in the classroom, I realized my worth, I realized that I can lead, inspire and leave a mark on other people. I became inspired to be a leader, that there is more to merely following, and there is more than being just a member of an organization, which is, being PART of it.

Thank you TomWeb most especially for the people. TomWeb gave me the chance to meet people that I now consider as my buddies, my best friends and my family. I JOINED TomWeb because it serves my interests. But what made me STAY and ACT in its growth by stepping out to be an officer, are the people who considered me not just as an ordinary member, but a TOMWEBBER, that is, a part of the TomWeb family.

Thanks to the EB when I entered TomWeb, Kuya Luke, Ate Miko, Ate Kit, Ate Ronica, Kuya Gold and Kuya Roujo. You inspired me to stay, you inspired me to do great in the organization because you left a mark in me. A mark that I feel obligated to share to the next batches of TomWebbers. A mark that involves taking care of the ‘little ones’ the same way you took good care of me, as a family member. And to other ever-so supportive alumni I consider as my real ates and kuyas, thank you so much.

Thank you TomWeb Batch 2, the first members that I get to meet in TomWeb. Even though there are just three of us left and we’re not able to be that close, you are still the batchmates that I entered TomWeb with.

Thank you QEB and its core group, that year was SO rough, but I learned a lot from it.

Thank you EB Girls, the most amazing girls I worked with in my life so far. My dearest President Marian, who gave us strength and inspiration while doing our work in the org, without any pressure, with patience, with style, with grace *flips hair*. Thank you QuadCore, a proactive batch of people motivated to not just do something for the org but EXCEL in it, making TomWeb reach greater heights in the process. Bea, thank you sa mga nilagang itlog. XD

Thank you Ma’am Gie, for being an amazing, very patient and very supportive org adviser. I disliked Ma’am Gie when she was my prof in ENG1, but wow, I’m just so wrong about my impression of her. She’s really fun to talk to.

Thank you TomWeb because through you I got to meet my evil kapatids, Ate Kit and JC. Thank you for being with me especially on events that I am alone, lol. (Paskuhan. -_-)

Thank you Ate Kit for being someone that I can consider as my real elder sister, that I can run to when I have problems, from having no cellphone credits to being lost in Makati to wardrobe problems to ~love~ problems to my big projects for the org. You never failed to watch my back and assist me in anything that I find difficulty in doing. You are definitely my biggest inspiration in continuing my work in TomWeb, and balancing it with the other side of my life. You have witnessed my shortcomings (which I’m really sorry about) and you helped me conquer it, with all patience and sisterly love. I promise to be your loving evil sister, ready to support everything you venture to, because I know that you are a strong woman capable of achieving anything that you aspire.

Thank you JC for being an evil brother, watching my back, giving me advice on everything, listening to my rants even though I don’t make sense, being a (digital) shoulder to cry on when I am in pain, talking to me at the most depressing and loneliest times of my life (which usually is on that time of the month, lol). Thank you for the karinderya and Moonleaf trips, for calling me when I ask you to do so (:P), for being always there when I need someone to talk to, for staying up late/ not going to sleep at all to finish my project (lol, ETAR), for skipping your classes to help me, for the free food (lol). We’ve fought for so many times, but in the end, you forget my mistakes, consider it as a learning experience, and be the best friend that you are to me. I will always treasure everything you gave me, and I promise to be, as always, just behind you, supporting you in everything that you do, ready to help whenever you need it.

Thank you TomWeb batch 4 kids, for giving the QuadCore inspiration to work harder. It is because of your enthusiasm and pro-activeness that inspired us to improve, and devise ways to develop your skills because we can see your passion to learn and grow with the org.

Thank you TomWeb for the wonderful opportunity you gave me. And thank you for the chance to be with you for another year. You’re the only reason that makes me feel cool about taking-up a 5-year degree program. XD

Thank you TomWeb and TomWebbers. I love you guys. 🙂

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