Reflections on MozFest 2014

This was written starting on my flight home to MNL then continued at different places (i.e. public transpo, on my table etc. lol)

I am writing this while on the plane and sort of experiencing a turbulent flight but interestingly the seatbelt sign is still not on. And at last, I had a meal that actually has taste (very tasty roast beef, bell pepper, sauce, onions and more pepper comparable to our local beef steak) after four days of eating bland food.

The topic of how I developed a picky attitude over British food though is not what I intend to write in this 15-hr trip, because hey, the fish and chips I had was nice.

I am flying back home from the city that has a special place in my heart (nope that is not because of my MozFest crush but well, ok yes it is a factor lol) because it is the venue of my awesome weekend with people that I admire and most importantly, people that keep on inspiring me. The wonderful, most anticipated Mozilla event every year that is MozFest.

Last year I came to this event to participate. My goal was to learn from people globally and bring home with me ideas (and community gossip, yes) that our community can make use of. Most importantly, it gave me an idea that served as the opportunity to make a dream of mine come true. That dream was to spearhead the first, biggest public-facing event for the Mozilla Philippines Community. It is a little dream, yes. But at least it is a dream that actually happened, all because of how this event showed me that it can.

This year I challenged myself. I want to be part of the group that leads the generation of new ideas at MozFest. Wow much high level such words wow.

I am now here at MozFest as a community builder. I used to be a student leader back in college and I still have this liking for it (guess it is really hard to get over this student-to-workforce transition) so I proposed a session at MozFest where we talk about how students can get into this opportunity to become young leaders of Mozilla communities. And because I am part of the FSA Eboard lol I am biased! :-p

Student Involvement in Mozilla Communities Session. Photo by Christos.
Student Involvement in Mozilla Communities Session. Photo by Christos.

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Mozilla Festival 2013

October has really been a busy month for me and to end that physically and mentally exhausting month, I attended the Mozilla Festival held in London, UK! Mozilla Festival is like the biggest brainstorming ground for everyone passionate about technology, especially the open web. Not only does it involve newbies who want to learn, it is also a place where you put the awesome idea that has been taking up a lot of your sleep time into a pit of interested individuals who can help bring it to reality! I got to admit that my personal motto in this event was “SPEAK UP!”. Everyone was busy learning and creating A LOT of things that you can’t just track everything that was going on.

Around 1500, volunteers included, was there at the MozFest. It was my first time to attend an event THAT BIG in terms of activities and participants. I signed up to become a volunteer at the Reps and FSA booth. In this blog post, I’m gonna share some sessions that I have attended and some snapshots of the event.

The venue was the awesome Ravensbourne College which I must say is PERFECT for the unconventional and very open format of the Festival.


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TW Overclock 2013

NOTE: This will just be a huge picspam as I just went to this event for a while. :p

Oct. 18-21 is definitely an eventful weekend for me as I have ran from my work in the east to TW Overclock in the north and finally to FSA Leaders Camp in the south. It was VERY tiring  but I regret nothing!

It is my first time to attend Overclock as an alumna! Overclock started on my first time to be part of the executive board and I’ve been one of the facilitators ever since, hence I really didn’t get to enjoy any Overclock activity. This time, I am just a guest so I just have to derp around and watch the kids facilitate their own event! Well, I actually took part in a talk about a TomWeb Leader. Here are some shots by Gen Aguilan:

TSIKASINOWEB! The official source of TomWeb chikkas since 2012 haha

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FSA Leaders Camp 2013

Aaaaaand after Overclock 2013 north of Manila, I ran to Laguna to co-facilitate the FSA Leaders Camp. Good thing I was not really in-charge of the Day 1 stuff so I have no worries coming in late. :p My task at the FSA camp was to facilitate the non-technical side of it which involves leadership and team building activities. On Day 1, the awesome MozMen handled informing the ambassadors all the stuff they need to know about Mozilla and some basic tips on handling the audience of the talks for each product/program. Some shots of the night:

Illustrations of the ‘logos’ of our FSA leaders

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Mozilla Summit 2013 Santa Clara

It’s been a while since I last blogged. It was indeed a tough week, especially with lots of non-work stuff going on (I love my job, lol). I haven’t told you (imaginary) guys about the awesome event we had in Laguna ! It was a tough one to be honest, we had an attendance more than what is expected so we have to immediately adjust our logistics. Good thing we have an epic team of student facilitators at the event! After the App Days in Laguna, we had some good fun in the van where we sang like children on a fieldtrip. Next event was our most awaited one– the Mozilla Summit 2013! Philippine delegates were assigned to Santa Clara, CA. THE SILICON VALLEY! On my next blog post I will talk about my first two days in CA where we had a Silicon Valley adventure. In this post, let’s talk about the MozSummit. I don’t really have much pictures as I want to concentrate on the talks and the event (hey, it’s what I came in for lol) so I’ll have to borrow pics from other Mozillians.

First let us talk about the venue! It was held in Santa Clara Marriott in Santa Clara, CA. It is near the McAffee office and the Great America theme park.

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Birthday Week

My birthday was kinda sad because I didn’t receive a birthday surprise that I have been wishing for (haha). But my birthday week was a blast! We played laser tag and had a generous serving of katsu on a Friday night and I had a fun weekend with the MozPH team in Laguna. Since I think I am not in-charge of creating an official blog report on the website regarding these events, I’m going to blog about my personal accounts! HAHA.

Maker Party U-belt

The birthday week started with a MozPH event, originally set on August 21 but moved due to the typhoon. I made a blog post about it here. Here’s my fave shots from that event:


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Maker Party Alphaland + PIIE-NSC Turnover + Web Chixies Meet-up

While I’m downloading the 2nd episode of Free!…Since I have some overdue blog posts, I’mma combine these two related events in one.

6/29/13 Maker Party 2013 Alphaland

Mozilla’s summer (in the west, lol) season of coding has begun and the MozPH team started it with an all-girl Webmaking session! Of course, since I am the one who organized it, it should be all-girl! Kidding. This is in support of the Women and Mozilla initiative of Mozilla PH. I have an official blog post here and here are some awkward pics of myself.


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TW Induction 2013

After a sort-of rigorous application process, we have a new TomasinoWeb core group for 2013-14 which was announced in this year’s induction ceremonies!

We had our induction at the gorgeous Villa Infant Jesus in Marikina (as usual)! Many thanks to the family of our orgmate who owns the lovely place! (And lives just in front of it hahaha)


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Student Awards Day 2013

I told my bestfriend turned president of TomasinoWeb about how I would like not to graduate until our org receives the St. Dominic Award from the university. He said, “Ah bahala ka dyan basta gagraduate ako this year.” lol.

Anyway, after overcoming obstacles (read: required nomination papers) we have received the award this year! I really thought we are going to miss it again this year. We were so close but we have incomplete papers. Until the day of the student awards, even though we had our org picture taken, I am still not sure if we really got it. I just felt to happy, that’s the perfect grad gift for me.

This would never be possible without our awesome TomasinoWeb family who lives by the simple TW rules: Innovation, dedication and passion. I just love this org and its members. <3

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