5 Misconceptions about India Debunked- Part 1

Five years ago, the idea of flying to India might have received a violent reaction from me. The pollution is bad, I’ll be raped, I’ll walk with cows, there will be dead animals everywhere, the spices are too strong and everyone will smell like curry.

Fast forward now, I learned that I was completely wrong. Okay, maybe except walking with cows.

I lived for a year in Delhi, the capital city, a notorious one for its rape cases, aggressive people and having the deadliest levels of air quality in the world. Even non-Delhiite Indians wouldn’t want to live there. Anyway, I’m still alive so I can tell you the 5 most common misconceptions about India, from someone with an Indian family and lived like an ordinary middle-class local in Delhi.

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Oh, München

It has been 3 months since we moved and with the Internet finally installed you can say we’re finally settled.

Whew, Munich. Probably the first big struggle we had in our married life so far. My move to India was so relaxed, probably because one of us lived there and our countries are very similar. Where we come from, as long as you have the cash (basically anyone who has a job above the minimum wage) you can do anything possible with it. But boy, Munich doesn’t play around, you gotta be more than that. Everyone can get the cash, you have to be way creative to stand out.

Obviously, I’m talking about the desperate housing situation.

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