Birthday Week

My birthday was kinda sad because I didn’t receive a birthday surprise that I have been wishing for (haha). But my birthday week was a blast! We played laser tag and had a generous serving of katsu on a Friday night and I had a fun weekend with the MozPH team in Laguna. Since I think I am not in-charge of creating an official blog report on the website regarding these events, I’m going to blog about my personal accounts! HAHA.

Maker Party U-belt

The birthday week started with a MozPH event, originally set on August 21 but moved due to the typhoon. I made a blog post about it here. Here’s my fave shots from that event:




Friday Night

2 days after my birthday, I went on a Friday-night laser tag match with my officemates. We were in an arena with a bunch of wild kids! And yes, as a mature adult we spent the whole game hitting their pads, without them realizing what the hell is even going on. Again, mature adults.

For dinner, we tried this new katsu place people have been talking about. The price is right for the GENEROUS serving of this place. I had quite an amount of leftover. At around 300+ they serve high grade pork with miso soup, fruits and cabbage. UNLIMITED CABBAGE AND WHITE/BROWN RICE FTW.

Officemates at Yabu
Yabu’s Hire Katsudon

The next day, I was up early (eh not really) for a MozTour at PUP in Sta Rosa, Laguna. I talked about Women and Mozilla in 7 minutes. I traveled for 2 hrs from Antipolo to Sta. Rosa.


Hey guys meet Swag Man. He has all the MozPH swags.
MozPH selfie
#TeamBobPH selfie!




After the event, we headed to the Bigas2Hack event at the International Rice Research Institute.

See those buildings? That’s where we have to go, by foot. This is half of what we walked, btw. Hurrah, rice fields!

It was a tiring day so I immediately freshened up when we arrived. I have a love and hate relationship with the water supply here in Los Baños. Famous for its warm spring water, sometimes you don’t need a heater here. Unfortunately, the last thing I want to refresh me on a hot day is warm water. I am already 2 hours late for a meeting I have set with the members of a student org we’re gonna partner with for an event and I have to walk a long way to get to the exit of IRRI! It was getting dark when I arrived at the IRRI gate near the UPLB campus and there were no jeepneys passing by! Gahd. That road which serves as the back entrance of UPLB, Pili Drive, is notorious for its, uhm, creepiness. It is a long road with nothing but lines of trees and rice fields. Not to mention the creepy stories of murder-rape and hold-ups at the outskirts of the campus. Running out of hope, I started walking along Pili Drive, with CK ought to meet me halfway. I tried posting a status on Facebook about ‘Just-in-case-this-is-my-last-post,-I’m-walking-along-Pili-Drive’ but I can’t even get a data signal. AND THEN A JEEPNEY PASSED BY. I immediately hopped in and called CK.

Whew. So I had a meeting over coffee and had this itchy feet that wanted to chill at the Freedom Park of the campus instead of going ‘home’. Interestingly, I didn’t deal with mosquitoes while chilling on the field. We left at around 10PM for Kevin’s house and had a #MozPHBarkada session by watching Pee Mak, which btw is one hell of a funny movie!

The next morning I slashed off some items on my birthday week bucketlist! Though I had a tiring day and slept at 1AM, I managed to wake up at 5AM to jog around the UPLB campus. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: MOTIVATION TO JOG. LOL.


We reached the place where the cows used for studies are kept!


And hooray, railroad shot! I’ve been eyeing this railroad the first time I saw it when I first visited UPLB way back in 2006. I’ve been convincing my high school friends to have a photoshoot on a railroad but to no avail. 🙁

We then arrived at the Bigas2Hack venue! It was the final day and they have to present their works.

Oh god why
Feeling awesome with the Firefox Flicks shades haha



Bigas2Hack has EXCELLENT food!

After the event I didn’t immediately head to my way home as I want to avoid the rush hour in the Metro. So I stayed and walked around the Los Baños College area to buy food and pasalubong. Unfortunately my favorite buko pie place ran out of stock but luckily the neighboring store had the legit carabao chocomilk that I like, yay! It was just a 1L pack but the lady in the store made sure it can survive my travel by packing it with lots of ice. It was one hell of a water mess when I got home! BUT the carabao chocomilk is still not spoiled, hooray!

It was one hell of a fun birthday week! I slashed many things on my to-do list, being promoted as a regular employee included! Yaaaaay! This year I learned that the only way to have fun on your birthday is to take the day off and get out! I wish for a quiet time alone in a far place on my next birthday.