Naruto 453

This week’s Naruto will surely cause fangasms all over the Internetz! Sasgay’s back and all over the place! There’s even Gaara at the end.

Team Taka heads to Konoha. Then, Tobi (who is definitely not a good boy anymore) appears.
Team Taka was like “Oh shi-” and stuff.
Suigetsu: Shit, bad timing. We are very tired and we’re about to rest, you know.
Sasuke: How did you know where I was?
Madara: Don’t underestimate my hunk radar, idiot.
Sasuke: Damn it, why am I always being followed by these frickin’ rapists? First Orochimaru, then Naruto, then this Madara!
Then Tobi tells them how stupid they was for being tricked by that Kirabi (Killerbee, the gangsta jinchuuriki of the hachibi).
Tobi: Now, that’s one big epic fail gaiz.
Team Taka:
Team Taka:

Tobi Madara tells Sasuke that Konohagakure no longer exists. Zetsu appears, telling them that Danzou is the new hokage.
Madara:Just as planned.
Madara tells him that the five kages will hold a meeting.

Meanwhile, Naruto meets Killerbee’s gangsta friends and asked them to tell everything they know about Saskay.
Karui: Damn, your crying won’t bring Killerbee or Yugito back!
Sai: Er.. you know, now that the order has been sent out to kill Sasuke, I’m sure the village will provide you with all the information you need. There’s no need to pressure these guys.
Naruto: Yeah right. You’ve said the “S” word many times already.

Team Samui:
Team Samui: B-b-b-b-but we just thought we’d see if we could find more info (like what’s his favorite color and type of girl, lol.)!
So there, they decide to find Killerbee instead. I miss that guy, btw.
On the other hand, the Akatsuki guys found that Naruto defeated Pain. Yes. I can understand them if they can’t believe it. You’ll never believe how Pain was defeated, really. Read Sasuke’s reply? Good.

Kay, change of plans. They’re going to kill the kages! FFFFFFFFF
Yeah, Danzou will be targeted and hopefully, killed (>:D OH JOY). BUT, it just happened that..

Well, that’s it for this week.

PSP Go Hands- on Preview

The PSP Go, Sony’s big announcement for E3, crept out way early. The PSP Go was leaked ahead of schedule in a video with Qore host Veronica Belmont and John Koller, director of hardware marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America. A basic rundown of the portable console reveals that it has 16GB of onboard storage, no UMD drive, is substantially smaller, and will cost $249 when it hits retail on October 1.

According to Sony, the PSP Go isn’t meant to replace an existing PSP but merely augment the device for a different class of users. It made the device for those who abandoned physical media; hence, the 16GB of storage space, expandable via the M2 memory stick slot.
With onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the PSP Go downloads data, games, and connects to headsets wirelessly. Sony is emphasizing downloadable games for the device, a play to meet Nintendo’s DSi Shop and Apple’s monumentally successful App Store for the iPhone. Representatives indicated that there’s a good will plan in the works to prevent alienation of existing PSP owners. Basically, if you already have a ton of PSP games, Sony will likely offer some sort of program so that you don’t have to repurchase them.

The PSP Go weighs 40 percent less and is 50 percent smaller than the existing PSP-3000. Despite its lightness, the PSP Go feels very solid. The sliding mechanism moves smoothly, and it seems like it could take a decent amount of wear and tear. Like the iPhone, the PSP Go does not have an interchangeable battery.
While we haven’t exactly had a prolonged gaming session with the device, the smaller screen doesn’t seem to detract from gameplay much. The Go’s screen has the same resolution as the original PSP, except it’s squished into a 3.8” LCD.

Surprisingly, the PSP Go isn’t much larger than the iPhone. It’s roughly twice as thick and extends slightly over the iPhone’s screen to totally cover it. As a result, the controls are also squished together, but they don’t seem to suffer for it. The buttons and D pad work well, and the analog stick functions about the same as the one found on the original PSP.
We didn’t get to try out any of the wireless capabilities of the console or even the software that will come with it. From a hardware standpoint, the PSP Go seems remarkably well built and fit for consumption. We’ll have a more in-depth analysis of the handheld once we have a retail kit.


Naruto Shippuden Movie 2: Bonds

Bonds is the second Shippuden movie which was released on August 2, 2008. The DVD came out last April 22, 2009 (and from there came the fansubbed copies that we’re enjoying lol).

The movie begins with Sasuke showing his fangirls how manly he is with his cowboy music.

And there, he takes off his clothes and…

dundundundun.. shows his AWESOME *rolls eyes* muscles….

….then, drowns himself.

Unknown shit appears on the sea.

Unfamiliar ninja village symbol on forehead protector is unfamiliar.
Then suddenly.. they launch..
STUFF! Oooh technology. This made me check if it’s Naruto I’m watching.

And off they go… attacking Konoha!

Konoha ninjas attacks them with kunais and ninja stuff..

Unfortunately, they’re useless! D:

Because ninja stuff is soo 1400!

So they fight until the bastards ran out of chakra.
Naruto meets a doctor and asks..
Well, it just happened that you’re a frickin’ famous ninja boy.
Famous ninja. Oh, the irony. XD

Okay. I’m making this post too long and heavy with photos.
So I’ll just get into the review.

For the summary, click this. Lazy me is lazy. So, I was like, “Er… that’s it?” when I finished the movie. The story is sort of small and lame.

Score: 7/10

Eh, same old same old. Nothing new. Anyhow, the quality is awesome.

Score: 9/10

Now, this is what I love in this movie. The sound effects are awesome. They suit the events perfectly. I lol’d at the the part where Shino finishes his job and his bugs starts to eat the enemy’s ships. The background music is The Flight of the Bumblebee! EPIC WIN!

Score: 10/10

For me, reading the manga is better than watching the series, and watching the movie is the best way to enjoy Naruto! Naruto movies have less talk and drama compared to the anime series (which is sooo full of fillers). I really enjoyed this movie. It’s so packed with action and lulz.

Example of lulz:

Amaru confessed.
Sensei LOL’d
And received a punch. Hahaha! DON’T MESS WITH A WOMAN’S HEART, YOU BASTARD!

Another one..

Shut up, betch.

SO.. Sasuke and Naruto are alone in the flying fortress. Sasuke sees this as an opportunity to do it with Naruto……

Naruto seems unprepared so he uses his Rasengan to break the stuff Sasuke is on.

Naruto: Later!

Sasuke: Dammit.

Why, it’s a pity they were not able to do it. To hang out and catch up on each other’ s lives, that is. XD

Score: 10/10


I enjoyed the action in this movie. Two thumbs up.

Score: 9/10

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Gintama is a hilarious anime airing since April 2006. As of now, there are 161 episodes that can be watched on Crunchyroll. Unlike any other comedy anime, it is not boring because it has less talk. If you like Naruto and Bleach but hate those long boring talks and fights that take over 9000 episodes to finish, you’ll probably love Gintama. Gintama’s story is sooo random, so watching it is all for the heck of enjoying 24 minutes of your life. Samurai/Ninja- themed anime fans may be disappointed, though. Because unlike Basilisk and Afro Samurai, this does not contain heavy drama and gore.

The story takes place in Edo (known today as Tokyo because of the name change in 1868), Japan, which has been taken over by aliens called Amanto since the late Edo period. The samurai of Japan have fallen, and the Amanto placed a ban on carrying swords in public. The story focuses on an eccentric samurai, Gintoki Sakata, his (partial) apprentice Shinpachi Shimura, and a teenage alien girl: Kagura. All three are “free-lancers” who search for work in order to pay the monthly rent, which usually goes unpaid anyway.

Score: 3/10. LOL. It’s so random. There’s no storyline. Period. XD

Gintama has the style otakus of this generation love. Just the same style, though. Nothing new and special.

Score: 9/10

The opening and closing songs are quite catchy. I like Pray (the first opening song) the most.

Score: 9/10

F yes! I highly recommend this anime for those people bored of the same old anime that fall under the comedy category. The parodies are frickin’ funny! There’s Prince of Tennis, Naruto, Bleach and many more! It has the right amount of action and comedy.

The best comedy anime I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, it’s just about the comedy.. and action.