Month 1 Finale

Now I’m back in Munich and I really didn’t get to accomplish my goals when I first set it for … More

Week #3

I’m becoming less hopeful and as the date of my flight back to Munich is looming, so does my anxiety. … More

Week #2

HA I failed to actually come up with an output last week. By output I mean a case study or … More

Week #1

My first entry on my hopefully regular sabbatical blogging.

Sabbatical, here we go

I just arrived in the Philippines which means my official sabbatical time will commence in 2 weeks. And my sabbatical … More


Heute ist mein erste Weihnachten in Deutschland! Die Weihnachtszeit hier war sehr interessant. Von 1.12 bis 24.12 (manchmal bis 06.01) … More

Auf Deutsch

Diese Woche beginnen wir nächstes niveau im Deutschkurs. Wir haben ein neuer Lehrer! Er spricht leider so schnell. Wir haben … More

Old School Blogging

Hey y’all, just trying out Gutenberg. I think this is the most drastic change I’ve ever seen in the WordPress … More