Even in terms of height ;P

So it has been bugging me for months now how no German bike for adults seem to be fitting me perfectly. I just found this guide for CHILDREN’S bike for future reference.

My leg length is around 55cm so it says here I should use the 16-20 size. For your reference the smallest for adults I believe is 24. Damn, I never hated my height until now!

Make your German Learning More Fun!

Here I will not discuss the technical German learning or study tips to make it easy for you that you might have seen everywhere. I’m gonna discuss how to make the process more fun and interesting. Learning a new language will take a long time, and it’s totally normal for your patience to fail you at times. These tips aim to make it less painful. The goal here is we want to make the language more and more relevant to you, hence making it more fun!

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Month 1 Finale

Now I’m back in Munich and I really didn’t get to accomplish my goals when I first set it for my sabbatical. Lesson learned: If you will only be in your home country for less than 2 months expecting you won’t be back in at least almost 2 years, don’t expect to have the time and focus to study.

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Week #3

I’m becoming less hopeful and as the date of my flight back to Munich is looming, so does my anxiety. I had a couple of errands this week that made me very distracted. I only managed to finally decide on a color for my personal website and it’s literally just one color that I feel I wasted time thinking about it if I will just come up with something simple. Lol.

Anyway, I tried applying to a lot of intern posting and I think reading all the qualifications crippled me as it filled my thoughts that I won’t get a job any time soon. It’s either a bad combination of 1.) perfect job, bad location 2.) perfect job and location but requires German. I am not regretting any bit of my career decisions but damn, now I am lost where to go. Of course I know what I am good at and what kind of job I’ll definitely nail, but unfortunately, without German knowledge I won’t get it anywhere, so I’ll have to find something else. And my level at this ‘something else’ is so low, that as someone working for a while now, it frustrates me to go back to square one in my late 20s. Sigh.

Nevertheless, I spent a super fun weekend outdoors with some friends and it was hella fun. It was so fun that we barely took pictures the whole trip. I know that after this trip I won’t get this fun anytime soon (in at least a year, to be precise) so I don’t regret going on a dopamine overload.

Sigh. I plan to cram the hell out of things in terms of output in my last 2 weeks. Things aren’t looking great, kitty girl!

Week #2

HA I failed to actually come up with an output last week. By output I mean a case study or a mockup. I sketched a lot of wireframe though but I am really struggling with designing in a software. I freeze with the thinking about the aesthetics. I think it is because I think that in order to design this, first I must have a style guide in place, I should have a logo and icons set. And to have a style guide I need to have an idea first for whom am I designing for. Ahhh! Now I realized that my mind always works in processes that a simple skip in the process incapacitates me. I really need to work on that one.

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Sabbatical, here we go

I just arrived in the Philippines which means my official sabbatical time will commence in 2 weeks. And my sabbatical is not really about having fun; it’s self-studying like crazy to shift to a new career and find a new job back in Germany. Cool-cool-cool-cool-cool

It will be the first time that I’ll be out of job for at least a full month to take time to study so that I can move on in my career. The pressure is ON. And just a segue, GIRL, I am hating Gutenberg right now (!!!).

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5 Misconceptions about India Debunked- Part 1

Five years ago, the idea of flying to India might have received a violent reaction from me. The pollution is bad, I’ll be raped, I’ll walk with cows, there will be dead animals everywhere, the spices are too strong and everyone will smell like curry.

Fast forward now, I learned that I was completely wrong. Okay, maybe except walking with cows.

I lived for a year in Delhi, the capital city, a notorious one for its rape cases, aggressive people and having the deadliest levels of air quality in the world. Even non-Delhiite Indians wouldn’t want to live there. Anyway, I’m still alive so I can tell you the 5 most common misconceptions about India, from someone with an Indian family and lived like an ordinary middle-class local in Delhi.

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