It was a fun long weekend but it ended pretty sad due to facts about my current state. Not really sad but it got me thinking if I am making the right decisions and if I am on the right path. 🙁 Damn you condescending people. Maybe this is just the PMS doing its job.

Well, I guess let us just focus on the fun things that happened this weekend.

Fall Out Boy concert
It was the first concert I attended that I really had a blast in every second of the hour and a half the band was on stage. It was my first time paying for a concert really, as I am not a hardcore fan of any band except FOB, the music of which has been the theme song of half of my life that I can remember. I started listening to them in high school so all of their songs before Folie a Deux have a high school feel to me. A memory flashes on every song. ;_; With me at the concert are two of my greatest high school buddies. Imagine the feels. I was just so happy.



MozPH Core Meeting
A lot of things were discussed and clarified in this meeting. We also had a fun dinner and the first time I saw the team had alcohol, haha. Well of course, I had buko juice. :p

Mirror Selfie~ HAHA


Can’t help feeling awesome with this Firefox Flicks shades!


Duck face selfie, in front of a mirror~ LOL

Errands Day
Nothing much happened, but I finally accomplished the freaking Unionbank EON application after so much inconvenience and I had my 2nd recommendation letter from a college prof.

Sunday with CK
CK’s pug died yesterday 🙁 She was so cute and cuddly baaaawwww. As a suicidal act he get in the car with me driving hahaha. Kidding. We went around our village to hone my driving skills. I hope I get better at it. In driving school I have already gained confidence and has managed to drive on highways but then my mother isn’t convinced, prohibiting me from driving far. :/

We then played the usuals on the PS3. It was a rainy day, perfect for bumming. Thanks CK for visiting me in our house!

Baaawww I wanna sleep.