Graduation Day! +College Story

After 5 academic years, I have finally been conferred with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering! For 10 years I’ve been in public non-sectarian schools and it is only in college where I experienced to be in a private Catholic one. I have to be honest that I chose UST because of my friends, as I got a bad experience as a high school freshman when I don’t know anyone in my new school.

Well, I took 4 college entrance exams. And basically in only two of those did I pass the usual way. In the two schools I failed, I didn’t get the required grades to get into my choices but my overall averages can be ground to receive consideration to enter the school. The two schools I passed were really tempting, as in the other one I got my REAL first choice of program (computer engineering) and the other I got a grade of 97, enough to be admitted to the program with the highest quota (COMPUTER ENGINEERING.). It’s like computer engineering is getting slapped on my face. It’s what I really wanted anyway. But then, I digress.


Anyway, I chose to pursue my academic placement status in UST where I can only get slots if there are still available. I was given a list of choices which depended on my exam grade (funny enough, I didn’t have AB programs in the list, I found out afterwards that my lowest exam grade was in the English subset, the hell, I remember the exam being extremely easy, shit really happens sometimes) After enlisting myself to BS Biology and BS Industrial Engineering (which I have to admit were random choices, I have computer studies on the list but my mother won’t allow it, meh), I was nervous if I could get in, I was eyeing Biology and then plot twist: industrial engineering that back then I really have no idea what it is about. My mother tells me it used to be her dream course though.

I have to be honest that until now I still have this not-going-for-computer-engineering sickness. For two years I’ve dealt with that feeling and I was always emo and alone until…I have met people who mean a lot to me. I have made a lot of friends inside and outside the university had it not been with the opportunities studying in UST gave me. I met my org, TomasinoWeb and it paved the way. I must admit that sometimes, I got to study and I am motivated not to fail because I have to stay in the org.

By joining TomWeb, I have learned how to choose orgs which are actually productive, lol. Before, I just joined whatever interests me, from a Japanese culture org to a robotics one, I didn’t feel being productive there as they were merely social groups with the same interests and in some I felt that the officers run the orgs because of the credits to their resume. :/ That was when I stopped having faith on college-based orgs. I felt they don’t have the heart for their work. So I met TomWeb, AIESEC and PIIE-NSC. I also got involved in Mozilla through an orgmate who asked me to try out and apply to their sort-of volunteer program.

I hated Math in high school. I was into Asian history and science back then but I started liking it from the very first sem of my engineering adventure. When I was in 3rd year and was already active in my org, I realized that industrial engineering was the best path for me. This program helped me discover my strengths and it made me realize how perfect it is for me.

Here with the remaining 2008 people in TomWeb. Yes we are the oldest guys remaining there.

With CK who is almost like a UST student and a TomWeb member because he is always there!

With JC, the above picture shows us with the graduation 2012 backdrop last year. We promised to take a picture like that when it is our turn to graduate.

And yessss! That’s it! What I really love in UST was that, MOST (well of course not all) people know their places. With stupid school rivalries imminent in this country, worsened by the schools’ affiliation to certain controversial institutions in the country (read: the Church) I must say that the people I have met in UST don’t really care much about it. Which is equally sad and good. They don’t brag but they do not think lowly of themselves. We’re just gonna do our business here and get ourselves diplomas. Lol. However, as we are constrained by the strict conservative rules of a Catholic school, I cannot deny that most Thomasians, especially those not in the liberal arts, grew a little shy and prefers to surrender to anything. They grew quite apathetic too. Oh well. That’s what the parents paid for anyway, to protect their kids from violence by covering them into a false utopia. This is the craving for bacon speaking.

Grad gratitude drama here.

Oh, in UST, before the actual ceremonies, an important event that marks your graduation is the Baccalaureate Mass (yay fireworks)   where people will instead write dedications on their classmates’ uniforms instead of listening to the mass and the grand exit of the Arch of the Centuries. Freshies in UST enter the Arch and it is said to be a taboo to exit it if you want to graduate. And I never passed through it as an undergrad so it is really a life event for me.

We exited the Arch twice. That’s us with the people waiting for their friends and loved ones exit the Arch.

Grad greetings from my Mozilla friends! Sweet!


Since in IE we are trained to know a little bit of everything engineering, it is technically our choice to choose a specialty. Hence I’m planning to pursue my studies and I’m thinking of either taking a master’s in IE major in information systems or getting a certificate/diploma in computer studies. For now, I plan to save up first haha.