I have to confess that religion freaks me out.
Isn’t it weird that people are claiming different names of gods, with different rules and different scriptures? There are even religious leaders who claim to be incarnates of some random guy from a religion (funny that they created their own religion).
What’s even worse is that people shove their beliefs on others’ faces “Respect other religions” my foot.

Well anyway, the same way I believe that mango ice cream is the best ice cream in the world and it will make everyone happy, all I have to do (and actually all that I have been doing) is let them believe what they want to. Just don’t burn me alive when I say that for me, religion is some sort of a psychological medicine. The way I see it, it is something that bring ease and hope to people. It is also a good excuse to discipline people (“Junjun wag mong kainin ang lupa magagalit si Lord”).

Touche, whoever invented religion. An intricate touch.

And yes, I still can’t think of things to write for a marketing letter I’m assigned to work on.