Busy having fun

A month ago I have no idea how to handle the last and the hardest wave of my acad life considering I have loads of org commitments. Now that I have totally abandoned acads (for now), the only dilemma is managing my time with my family, my friends and my orgs.

My father is having his vacation here in the PH so I make it a point to prioritize our family adventures. I might have hit the jackpot on absences in org events and being unresponsive. Gah, we are out of the house, testing the accurateness of Google Maps the whole day, almost everyday (we just took days off to rest). Other than not having a PC at home to use, I can’t find the time to focus on my org stuff as I usually go mobile, with limited applications and unstable Internet connection. Gah.

I promise to properly catch up on my PIIE, RNSHSAA and Mozilla stuff when my father leaves for work. I just want to make up for all the time I didn’t give my family to survive this acad year.