Imagine me saying this really really fast.

We have a defense tom at 6pm and we are not done with the paper as of now. The SOP is to give the panelists the paper 5days before the defense. Due to some stuff, our group have to start over with this study. And we did that 5days before the defense. A sem’s worth of paper, done it 5days.

So we will probably cram the defense preparations the whole day. After the defense we have to work on take home quizzes due on Sunday and oh, we have to submit another sem project on Monday, and we have to take 2 final exams.

On Tuesday, we have another final exam in SCL9, the subject I am in the verge of failing. Not to mention that we have to pass our seminar reaction papers on the same day.

We have to submit our revised papers by March 7 to graduate.

From a scale of 1 to 10, how screwed am I?