Let me tell you a story of how screwed I am.

We have 3 thesis-equivalent papers that must be accomplished this sem to graduate.

The project feasibility study, in which we have a certain product, we are going to start a business and we will determine its feasibility from the marketing down to the finances. This is the heaviest project that we have as we have to research about the industry and its associated costs. EVERY cost. From the posters to the machines to the land to the salaries. We have to determine the needed machines, how to manufacture the product, taxes, employee benefits— it is just one hell of a mess. Not to mention that our very first task in this project last sem was to conduct a survey to 400 persons around Metro Manila.

The systems engineering study that we have to conduct in a company to document their processes in a certain aspect and suggest improvements to it. As of now, we are close to zero progress due to problems on our arrangement in the company.

The information systems study where we have to improve or design an information system of a company.

Also, we have pretty demanding elective courses and a general course which is demanding for me (read: SCL9. I just hate the required courses of the Institute of Religion).

AND, I have lots of orgs and other social responsibilities I have to maintain.

So here’s how messed up my month will be:

Feb. 10 I set this date to finish the IS study but then it turns out we have a pretty heavy report tomorrow in an elective course. So I have no choice but to work on that report.

I also have to polish the year-end recruitment, which I plan to be a strictly referral basis only, that is, only for people referred by TomWebbers.

Feb. 11-15 JFFC hell week.

My target week for  year-end recruitment sign-ups

Feb. 11 Report on service systems and design

Feb. 12 Must go to the company for our systems study

Must study for IS quiz

Feb. 13 Deadliest deadline for the JFFC team to complete briefing the speakers, which I shall facilitate. The briefings occur usually in Makati as most of them work there. After class, I have to run from Manila to Makati.

IS quiz, tentative date

Feb. 14 IS quiz another tentative date

Feb. 15 SSD quiz

Feb. 16-17 JFFC

Feb. 18-22 PFS hell week and PIIE congress hell week

My target week for the TW year-end recruitment interview

Feb. 23 PFS defense

Feb. 24-25 PIIE Congress in Cagayan de Oro

Feb. 25-March 1 SE hell week

My target week for the TW  year-end application

March 2 SE defense

March 3-7 Revision hell week

March 8- deadline of grades submission of graduating students.


March 9-April 3 nganga month/ find a job month

April 4- Graduation!

I am so screwed.