For the first time ever in our org’s online history, someone opened the topic about drinking. I never got involved in any drinking activity and the last one in the org was like, 2 years ago with the pioneer batch. Well for the record, OSA prohibits alcohol in off-campus activities and we don’t want our org to be associated with such, even though we can say that it is not an official org activity. There was this time that a certain org had a party. Then one member committed suicide in that event. Unfortunately, because the attendees were org members of that org, it was associated with them. They have no papers because they thought it was out of the acad calendar already. That year, all off-campus activities were prohibited and along with their failure to comply with some requirements, that org was suspended for a year.

Anyway, the alcohol drinking discussion immediately turned to brownie flirting.

I don’t drink because I don’t get the ‘fun’ part in intoxicating yourself just to do stupid things only to regret it afterwards. What is fun with the smell, the vomit and the stupid feeling it brings? Headache and hangover? Wow that is so fun. *rolls eyes* Being tired is already a downside of having fun and it can’t get anymore stupid when you add the effects of alcohol to it. Really, I think drinking is just plain stupid. I’ve been doing many other stupid things in my life and adding more is just what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you.