Caleruega Retreat

As one of the requirements to graduate from our school, students have to attend a spiritual retreat, usually held at Caleruega in Nasugbu, Batangas. This retreat venue is owned by the Dominican Order. Uhm, just saying. Call time was 10AM but I left our house at 9:30AM (2-hour travel to school, YOLO) because I was busy packing stuff that apparently I didn’t need. The bus has this nifty shiz. I remember riding this bus on our field trips but I don’t remember them having this.

Boohoo the handle can’t take the swagness of my bag.

Caleruega is two hours away from Manila and the road was, well, challenging especially with the rain. Talk about being away from the stress of the capital. Here are some shots of Caleruega:

What will you get if you stroll in the evening? Slender Man.

Some of my classmates claim seeing ghosts actually but eh, k. My friends and I strolled at around 1 in the morning and we saw a shooting star lol.

Activities in the retreat involve stuff that will make you feel bad about how awful your life have been, how you’ve been missing a lot, and basically anything that will make you feel bad about yourself. You are very much free to jump of the cliff there. The ambiance was amazing though, for some reason I really felt good that I got to escape from all my tasks. I realized that taking a pause in your life is really helpful, so you can reboot and work effectively again. Prior to this retreat, I got so much stuff going on that I lost track of them all, resulting to panic modes.

I also got to bond with my IE batchmates, that I can say I’m not close to, as I make a clear line between my academic and social life. There’s this part where people will say good things to you. No matter how doubtful I am on what they are saying (who knows, we are forced to say good things to people here folks!) I find it amusing that there are people who actually know that I exist, lol. I mean, I’m not that visible in class, well I physically am, but I don’t make that much noise. Well, figuratively. I don’t go to my classmates’ parties and even the parties of our departments. After class and academic works, I literally disappear… for my org mates. XD Well, that’s one of the reasons I joined an org anyway, because I don’t have many friends in class. (Oh god stop reminding me of my forever alone Timezone moments)

5IEA. We can say that we are officially blockmates because we are too lazy to change sections. Well, unlike other colleges in UST where they have a strict block sectioning, engineering students get to choose their section every sem. Maybe because block sections are not sustainable in eng as the probability that it will get dissolved is high. YOLO, ENGINEERING.

Going back, I really thought that retreats were so religious and shiz, which I hate, but it turns out to focus on your life and contemplating about it. Well, there was this part however that I hate and I don’t want to elaborate. Of course it is some Catholic shiz. :/

Confession drama, lol.

This is my first time to have a retreat and I was introduced to this retreat letter stuff! I got quite a handful of letters because well, I DEMANDED FOR IT. LOL. EH not really haha. Apparently that’s not the way it works. XD

We were fed like crazy in that place. 5 meals a day, baby!

Random pictures in Caleruega:

It was so windy, you don’t say?

The place was gooooood.

It was a one of the most relaxing experience in my life. 3 days 2 nights of doing nothing but eating, strolling and reflect on your life lol. I’m away from telecom signal and more importantly, the Internet.

UST IE Class of 2013 🙂