On Non-Academic Commitments

Hello, blog. It has been a long while. After the summer ‘vacation’ I became so occupied with my non-academic commitments, which, I realized just lately, are too much for me to handle. :/

I don’t know what’s happening in the classroom anymore, I’m not doing well with my academic papers and other stuff. Maybe I was just shocked because usually, I get loaded with academic works on the prelims season onwards. Oh, 5th year.

Right now, the heaviest load that I have is this certain org where I am the VP for Human Resources. Well, our application process is pretty tedious and I have to deal with the systems and the operations in the recruitment. Not to mention I have to deal with member performance tracking and other tedious tasks. =_=

Other than that, I am a VP for Publicity of this another certain org. I have to deal with queries, pub mats and other related stuff, which eat a lot of my time.

Also, I am a board member of this certain alumni association, and lately I was not able to be that active due to my very sabog life.

Oh, I’m also a somewhat active member of this org, and that org too. =_=

Though at some point, we can say that I am just busy having fun.


Oh, academics. I swear I’ll make it up to you soon.