Summer 2012

This was the most tiring summer I ever had. It’s definitely not a vacation. I had my on-the-job training in a company which is fortunately very near our house. As much as it was tiring and definitely not relaxing, it was a fulfilling summer, and I have learned many things about the world I’m going to face after college. Which I will try to enumerate here:

1.) I’m not fit for the office.

It’s not for me. I can’t live with just sitting in a workstation for the rest of the day. My stomach really bloated up with that habit. Sitting, eating while sitting, napping while sitting— I don’t have to stand up. My mother tells me that what is good with being IE is that you can change tasks from office to rounds in the plant. It is really boring to be in the office forever, no matter how comfortable it might be. Lol if I were to become a programmer that will be my task, thank goodness I have decided not to pursue computer studies then.

2.) Social skill is the number 1 skill you must have.

Well, okay you are smart and you can impress your boss with that, but if you’re a snob and you suck at social conventions, no one will like you, no matter how good you are. I don’t know if it’s just because the company I had my OJT at has friendly people or it is applicable to all companies.

3.) Proximity to your home is a top priority.

You have to work for the whole day and you don’t want to spend your remaining time commuting. What’s the use of a good salary if you are always tired and very discouraged to go to work. (That happened to me in high school and college, hence my poor performance)

4.) No to the socialites!

I didn’t encounter such people in my OJT, thank God I was saved from the hypocrisy of people in the Metro. I don’t want to spend time and money on doing things I don’t like. If I were to bond with my friends, I want it to be at home, playing a game; In a restaurant, eating; Out of town where I can relax; Back to a memorable place to reminisce; House of a friend or basically somewhere where I can just sit and talk and eat at a very low price lol. I don’t want to go to tiring parties and activities which involve a lot of walking and standing.

5.) Get employed in company which provides a uniform.

Heh, if I were a guy, thinking about what to wear will not be a problem for me. However, because people expect girls to be very conscious of what they wear, I have to give it a lot of thinking :/ If I were to have a uniform, I’m already saved from that freaking trouble. Meh, if it will be in the university it will not be a problem because you can wear anything you want as long as it follows the rules which are very simple and basic (and favorable to me lol). But if it’s in the office you have to try different corporate attires and what makes it worse is that, you have to have your body fit in it (i.e. you have to wear a skirt so you must shave your legs). =_=

Aside from the OJT, I dealt with org stuff (my org in school and the AA of my high school) and requirements needed by the school (this is an enrolled subject so we have stuff to pass and meetings to attend) so I definitely did not relax this summer. In fact, I caught colds two times (yeah, summer). At least I was saved from the summer heat because I was stuck in the office. (though I spent a lot of time in the plant too, which is a very sweaty experience). Aside from the serious business stuff, I also have to attend reunions and well, socialize lol.

I guess this will be my life after college. Full of physical and mental stress. You have to balance your work and personal life, keep your body healthy to endure the stress and have lots of motivation to do your job.

Here’s some shots to summarize it.

OJT with fun people! Friendly OJT mates, very accommodating supervisors and managers, very friendly employees!

High school reunion!

Loyalty Labor Day Reunion!

Risci AA Career-ran 2012! (career orientation for the current seniors of Risci)

TomWeb SPA (Strategic Planning Activity)!

It was the busiest summer I ever had. Yeaaah. More summers like this!