Must. Organize. Thoughts.

I am typing this because I need to organize my thoughts to be productive in this hot summer weekend. Gah, I used to hate the office but being subjected to this heat makes me want to be trapped in the airconditioned office forever.

And so, as a continuation of my previous life event-related blog post, we had our induction for the new set of TomWeb Core Group (which reminds me, we don’t have a batch name until now lol) and then we have successfully passed our org recognition papers (which were two hours late, haha) and we have almost polished the revised constitution (right now we are noting the edits of our adviser, most of which are concerned with sentence structures and whatnot, all hail the engineering students who drafted a constitution). Also, after a week of calling this certain company everyday (my mother tells me that calling everyday will show the company that you are really determined to get the position, okay), I was called for an interview and was asked to start the next Monday. Which is, yay. The company is just a sweet 30-min ride from our house which is a big relief for me, because for almost 9 years I’ve been commuting for at least an hour everyday (one way) just to go to school. Also, it is a big multinational manufacturing company. The allowance is very low but is alright, taking into consideration the fact that other companies don’t give any to their interns (though I have classmates who will have aroung 9k by the end of their internships, more than enough to pay our tuition for the summer semester -_-). Also, we have received free safety shoes and cloth cap which is already ours (my classmates from the competitor company says that their safety shoes will be returned to the company, uhm, maybe they’ll sanitize it after, hopefully).

So, here’s the list of things that bothers we right now and I have to organize my thoughts to free myself from this burden. -_-

The On-the-Job Training

Background story:

I’m having my OJT in Mitsubishi Motors Philippines in Cainta and have been assigned to the Systems and Procedures section of the Internal Control Office. I can’t help thinking that our department is such a badass one, because this department creates all the rules and policies for the whole company. I mean, this is pretty much why I decided to pursue IE, because I love creating systems. I love making the rules. Right now the department works directly under the president/CEO of the company, and I got a chance to have a conversation with him in his office when our department manager introduced us to him. The president is such a friendly Japanese man (he gave us candies after, oh lol). Also, I noticed that all, including the executives, wear the same uniform. I like the culture in Mitsubishi. Everyone seems friendly and there’s no person intimidating another. The executives are friendly and approachable people, not to mention humble in all their actions and grooming, which I didn’t expect at all (free Magnum from one of the Japanese executives? You can’t explain that). As a Japanese company, we also have morning exercises. Lol. The people in our department are wacky and friendly. I adore especially our manager, who is an industrial engineering graduate from our school, who is noted to be a very kind boss. I feel so lucky that I’m saved from the office culture (that I have been dreading because of the amount of hypocrisy) of the Metro and was accepted in a company near home.

Also, I love the fact that we are in a car manufacturing company, we got to visit the plant, ride a car being subjected to a road test and most especially, I got to learn about cars, which I am very new to.

The Task:

I work from 7AM-4PM every weekday so I don’t have time to work on things other than this. This weekend, I have to polish this certain document that I’ve been working on so I can submit it with confidence on Monday. K.

The Alumni Association

Background Story:

We had a general planning meeting last April 15 and we have decided to beef-up the structure of the association. We have formed committees and I chose to be in the one handling the social activities.

The Task:

We have to recruit members to our committee, but in order to do that, we have to polish what we have to offer to our prospective members first, which is the Career Orientation for the 4th year students on June 9. Now how do we polish that? People in our committee are all busy with summer jobs.

The Organization

Background Story:

We had our Strategic Planning Activity and have lain the seeds for our initial plans for this coming academic year. K.

The Task:

Regarding the plans for my department (human resources) first, I have to think of the recruitment stuff but in order to do so, I must know how each department’s requirements, which will be decided by the department heads. Parallel to that, I have to think about my individual projects for the semester, which of course I will not type here because all of our stuff in meetings are subject to the TomWeb Non-disclosure Agreement, just in case you’re reading this Mr. President. Hahaha.

The Reunion

Background story:

It’s been a while since my friends from my third year highschool section had a photoshoot and because most of them have jobs now, May 1 is the only day we can meet again.

The Task:

Send a PM to everyone to invite them for May 1.

The File Back-up


I’ll put all my ebooks and lecture notes in my Skydrive (YEAH, 25GB of free cloud storage) and all the future projects that I’m going to work on (which willl require collaboration online) will be in my Google Drive.