Easter Sunday Ramblings

Oh hi, it’s been a while since I actually wrote something, the cause of which is mainly attributed to my non-academic commitments…which came immediately after my heavy academic ones. The month after my biggest project as my org’s VP External was spent mainly to catch-up on academics, because I did a great deal of damage to my academic standing to organize the said project. I kinda did it, having a higher sem ave than my other semesters where I got involved in organizations. It’s not really high though, compared to my classmates who were able to focus on their academics, but it’s acceptable and well actually, great, given my situation. How I wish I can be the kind of student who can manage to be the top of the class while accomplishing work on student organizations. Which reminds me that the valedictorian of our college for this year is such a student. Electrical engineering major too like, is she a freakin wizard? She is also kind and pretty. She’s the top of the class, and the top of a student council. And I thought no one’s perfect. Life is unfair.

Which made me think about how to do better on my academics this year. Nah, forget it I can never do it, haha. So moving on to a thing that will make much more sense…


Lol, late news since its last episode aired last March 26. Due to my very hectic living (heehee pun intended, though I might be the only one giggling about it), it is the only anime show that I get to watch and look forward to every week. Now that it is yet again gone, I don’t know what to live for anymore. Well, not really. I have loads of anime on my to-watch list in my MAL account (O hai add me up, fayeorwhatsoever!) but eh, maybe due to SOPA or whatever act other countries are giving us, I am finding it hard to search for ~episodes~.

On a rather more normal note, I am still waiting for my internship acceptance letters of some sort. Actually, a company has already accepted me without any interview (just my resume and they just made me fill-up an application form), but well of course, I must seek greener pastures. The said company is interesting especially for me, because it clashes my interests namely information technology and industrial engineering (no, don’t add anime). However, the location of the office is inconvenient and I don’t get paid. This other company I’m applying to is an automotive company, which I’m not really knowledgeable about. Well, yeah, I know the models of your cars because I get to see them everyday especially in the busy capital (and oh, I got to ride some, thanks to non-registered public transport vehicles in our place!) but I don’t know the specifications like how I know it in computers. However, the plant location is convenient for me and I get paid, with freakin insurance.

So, while waiting for stuff to actually happen and get interesting, I burn the extra time accomplishing papers for my organization. We are doing a major revision of our constitution since we believe we have learned so much in the past four years of its existence (yes, this coming acad year will be my 4th year in the org, so we can say I almost grew with it…and I am old.) and we can finally create rules applicable and sustainable for the org. Well you see, our org is pretty complicated. It’s not just an org, it was formed by some admins to serve for the university. However, we are not considered as a department or anything of special treatment so we remained as an org. Being a new one, we have to make several adjustments and tried several combinations of what we think will work and so far, the system that we are drafting now, we believe, is the best for our org. Blah blah blah blah.

As my break from such life which I don’t believe is fit for a vacation, I play God of War 3 on the PS3 and well, encountered interesting ‘WHAT THE FREAKIN F’ moments, such as using a god’s head for illumination, uncalled-for sexual act with a goddess (also, my mother and little sister were watching when I was on that minigame -_-), random brutal god-killing, and well, SPARKLY SPARKLY NIFTY GRAPHICS! Okay.

Oh hooray for me, I was able to write a lengthy blog filler!