Epic Week

While waiting for The Big Bang Theory to finish loading, I’m going to blog about how my week went. (Wow.)

Last Sunday was the RNSHS Alumni Convention, in which the formation of the alumni association was discussed. And yay, we now formally have an alumni association! Had a great reunion with my batchmates and schoolmates. It felt so much like high school again.

So, I was elected to be part of the board of trustees and I was like,
“Okay, what did I put myself into again.” and the term is for two years. Madre de dios.

Anyway, the board is dominated by my batchmates, haha. Batch 7 is so bibbo in that convention.

We also had the Velada Tomasina last Wednesday.

It was not a pleasant day, as we had a surprise quiz in Strength of Materials (though you cannot consider it as one) and the results of our prelim exam and second quiz on EE were returned. It was a horrible day, academic standing-wise. My raw average got so low because of the results of my stuff, especially the second quiz. Well, I wanna explain. On that day we had the second quiz, I also had three quizzes on other subjects (one is a surprise quiz, wth), one of which was a hardcore one which we have to memorize  3.freakin.chapters of things the prof didn’t teach, so I spent the weekend focusing on that subject due to the added pressure of the facepalm-inducing consequence of failing that I would not like to elaborate. And lol, literally immediately after that hour-long quiz that induced a mild headache and the feeling that your brain has just been squeezed to its limits, digging for every bit of information in that freakin 3 chapters (the hell, the quiz was like, whoa, EVERY little bit of information from our lecture were included), I took that quiz on EE. I didn’t study much for EE because I have to redeem points for the aforementioned hardcore subject and I got a perfect score on the previous quiz on EE. And then came the epic quiz score of 18/100. A standing ovation of my middle finger to the perfect score.

Moving on to the Velada day, as usual, I crammed what I wore for this day. I searched for a dress just the day before and well, it was pretty uneasy. I searched in Antipolo, expecting that people in my school, mostly based in Manila, will be searching in Divisoria or other marketplaces in the Metro. Turned out I was wrong. Thomasians were hoarding Filipiniana dresses as far as Antipolo.

Almost all of my blockmates dressed as a person from the 1890s, well basically because of the incentives in some of our subjects. It was fun walking around the campus with everyone wearing their costumes. My orgmates and my block buddies shooted some lulz for my orgmate’s commitment to this certain video site. We walked along Espana Blvd wearing our dresses and I filmed the people’s reaction. We also rode a jeep back to our school. We had lots of time to kill before the re-enactment of the La Naval procession so I dressed normally and started working on papers and legal technicalities of the web design conference project I am currently heading. Immediately after, I have to dress again to join the La Naval procession. It was goosebump-inducing. Ladies in black veils walking with Spanish prayers being played on the background. Well, how do you explain that? Uhm, there seems to be a digital prayer leader and, yeah.

And yes, it was a very tiring day. Good thing I don’t have classes the day after.

Next was the Neocentennial Celebration, the highlight of which is the grandest pyromusical display UST had (yet? lol).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynaOlXYWpJU]

Also, there’s a grand fiesta again! Hooray lechon! HOORAY FREAKIN LECHON!