4 years ago

I was in the stage of deciding the next big step in life I’m going to take. College.

For some reason I still have a separation anxiety over this certain school where I passed my real dream academic program— computer engineering. I didn’t attend that school because our family can’t afford it. It’s too late when I discovered that there are scholarships like being student assistants and stuff. I should have pursued what I really wanted, so I’ll not be having this I’m-enjoying-my-course-right-now-but-I-know-there’s-always-a-better-one-for-me-so-I-guess-I’ll-just-take-graduate-studies-for-it thing.

The real problem for me that time was that, I don’t really know what I wanted and I don’t know how to fight for it.

In a year, I’ll be taking another big leap in my life. I must make sure I’ll not mess up this time.

In other news…

I’m so freakin hungry I’m starting to think about shitty ‘What is the meaning of life’ things again.