My Very Honest Christmas Wishlist

This Christmas, all I’m asking for are my basic necessities.

And I’m not really expecting to get all of this, but it would really be great if any gets fulfilled.

  • Finish all my projects early, so that I’ll have time to finish FF13, Guilty Crown and Horizon. I also wanna catch-up with The Big Bang Theory.
  • 16GB USB flash disk. Or just a USB that I can put bootable OS installers in.
  • A new EHD and new HD for my sister’s laptop. Heck, the HD in here is supposedly for the Xbox, but because her HD died, stuff happened to this Western Digital Caviar Blue.
  • Rotring 0.5 HB leads. My mech pencil is rusty because I’m too stingy to buy my own lead.
  • Blank DVDs and CDs!
  • JFFC participants please! More JFFC partner orgs please! More JFFC publicity please!
  • Finish org commitments like putting on paper my proposals for the constitution etc.
  • Anniversary date. My ultimate stress reliever.
  • Again, FINISH MY PROJECTS. So that I can finally study for the exams and quizzes in peace.