On Stalking People’s Blog… and My Blogging History

For some reason, when I get tired of doing the same old stuff, I find it really amusing to read about what people I know personally say about their lives. There’s just something talking personally to people lack; I think it’s my brain imagining their tone, their emotions at the moment, the place where they are writing it, the cause of their mood etc. My imagination can fill it in for them. Blogs have more personal touch to it. You get to know their taste in design, their way of writing and my favorite, the side that I don’t get to see very often. It’s also a convenient way of catching up with them, because they will not randomly blurt out random stories about how their day went right? I also learn many things not just about themselves but about places, events, and GOOD FOOD.

Shut up Faye you just like to stalk people because that’s how gossipy you are.

I remember the first time that I actually started a blog. It was on Blogspot and I was in my 3rd year in high school. I forgot all the things that I wrote, I just remember the layout was black and in the end I deleted that blog. I created another one again when I was in 4th year. I had written all my blunt thoughts about events that time. I said the worst words, mentioned the worst people, but it seems like I was a happy cheap-blogging girl back then. Ever since that blog, I scattered my thoughts in other Blogspot blogs, then WordPress, then Tumblr. I love reading my old blog posts. It makes me remember happy things and of course, sad ones and what I did to deal with them. That’s why blogging is essential to my life; It helps me remember my fault in the past or good things that I did in the past that will help me overcome a situation in the present.

Heh, my favorite event in my blogging history is how I found about, heehee. I LOVE blogging.

Brace yourself, Faye. The official anniversary is coming.

Ah, I love typing things.